6 benefits of raising flowers with water moss, rotten plants are easily saved, withered succulents can be re-rooted

After raising flowers, you can learn a lot of very interesting and practical knowledge. Today, we will introduce you a very useful material, it is water moss, water moss is a natural moss, also known as peat moss. Water moss is the material that you get after drying too idle.

Above is the bought water moss

Water moss is a very practical material for raising flowers, its main structure is the stem and leaves, water moss used to raise flowers must be soaked in water for half an hour, slightly pinch dry water before use.

If you buy water moss that is particularly cheap and you are worried about the residue of germs in the water moss, you can scald it with boiling water so that you can remove the germs.

1、Water moss use attention

Water moss can be used alone or mixed with other materials, and can even be spread on the surface of the soil to increase the soil’s air permeability and increase the soil’s water retention capacity.

Usually we use water moss when planting Phalaenopsis or other orchids, and often when planting insectivorous plants and various epiphytes, including the common antler fern, bird’s nest fern and other plants.

The water moss is soaked in water for half an hour before use. After the water is absorbed, the moss will slowly regain its vitality and its volume will expand. Water moss should be slightly pinched and dried before use, and don’t press too much when planting plants, otherwise it will lead to poor air permeability.

Let’s learn about the advantages of water moss, it is a natural material for raising flowers, it is exceptionally clean, there are no germs, it is breathable, and it can also reduce the breeding of pests and diseases. Its main feature is to increase the water retention capacity and increase. The use cycle of water moss is also relatively long, a better one can be used for about one or two years. If the water moss has deteriorated, it should be replaced in Time.

2、Treating rotten root plants

Rotting roots of monarchs

If there are rotten roots of monarchs, phalaenopsis, or other plants at Home, promptly remove the rotten roots or remove the rotten stems. After soaking in polymyxin solution for half an hour, you can wrap their rhizomes in water moss and finally fix them in a container with a breathable bottom for drainage.

Water moss wrapping to promote rooting

After that, water regularly, keep the water moss slightly moist, do not accumulate water at the bottom, give proper soft diffused light and keep a warm and ventilated environment, these plants will soon sprout new roots.

3、Plant cuttings tips

Using water moss to promote plants to grow new roots is very effective.

Similarly, if we want to propagate various plants and flowers from cuttings in spring and autumn, and want to improve the rooting rate of the plant branches, we can also use water moss, which is to remove the leaves from the bottom of the pruned branches, water moss soaked in water and slightly pinched dry water. The branch cuttings will be inserted inside the water moss, after which they will be sprayed with water regularly to keep the water moss slightly moist, and also kept in a position with diffused light, keeping about 3-5 hours of soft light every day, and the cuttings will soon sprout roots.

Use water moss to cut plants, will be better than soil cuttings, the chances of rooting plants will also be higher, can give cuttings to provide an environment without bacteria, good permeability, and a certain amount of moisture.

4、The best way to reproduce the pressed strips

Yesterday, I introduced you to the propagation of plants, such as plants “high-pressure propagation”, you can also use water moss. The effect is very good, you can use water moss to replace other soil. After the bark of a small branch is ring peeled, water moss can be wrapped around the ring peeled branch to achieve a better water retention effect, and it is easy to tell when the plant’s root system is full, thus improving the success rate of pressure propagation.

5、Hydroculture plants

Making moss balls with water moss

If we want to cultivate plants hydroponically, we can also use water moss. It is to put some water moss in the container of hydroponics, and the roots of the plant will grow together with the water moss. The roots of the plant and the water moss are both in the water, and as long as there is soft light, the water moss will produce oxygen in the water to make the plant grow better and can avoid the rotten roots of the plant.

  1. Succulent with withered root system

Water moss wraps the rhizomes of succulents, which can make a landscape

If your succulent plants are not raised well, the root system withered, the whole plant is about to dry out, want to let the succulent re-sprout roots, if cuttings are re-planted in the soil, it is difficult to root the succulent, this time can also use water moss, also let the water moss watering wet, the root system withered succulent placed on the water moss, you can continue to increase humidity, but also good permeability, can promote the succulent sprouting new The root system.