Listening to spring, delighting in the rain, the romance of the Chinese

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Listen to spring, listen to the heart of Chinese people. The rain is the shallow joy of the Chinese people.

The old saying goes: “The birds sing in spring, the thunder in summer, the insects in autumn, and the wind in winter”. All things in the four seasons of heaven and earth, each has its own sound, each has its own feelings.

When it comes to early spring, the sound of spring is like a romantic sonata. Spring water rushing is a happy chapter; the warbler singing is a cyclorama chapter; the soft wind of summer dance is a slow movement; and the spring rain is a minuet.

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Compared with the noise of the moment, we should perhaps listen to the sound of spring, shield ourselves from the video chaos and the noise of people, listen to the rain at the window, hear the warbler in the morning, or hear it silently or suddenly, and put down our minds and find peace of mind in the atmosphere created by this rhyming sound.

After all, the sound of spring is always about love.

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The first sound of spring

The warbler starts to speak, the best thing about spring

The sound of spring begins with the cry of the warbler.

As the poet said long ago, “The butterflies should know when the flowers are blooming, and the warblers can ask when the spring comes and goes”.

The sound of warblers is cheerful and full of hope, as Du Mu said in “Spring in the South of the River”: “A thousand miles of warblers cry green reflecting red, water villages and mountains, wine flags and wind”. After a winter of hibernation, the fireworks of people coming and going, and the cheerfulness of the atmosphere are restored to their former appearance.

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The warblers are singing, the scenery is cheerful, and people are happy. Winter has passed, spring has returned to the earth, and everything is looking up.

For people in the hustle and bustle of the city today, it may be difficult to hear the sound of warblers. But in the early morning in the countryside, the sound of warblers is most touching. As we pass through the silent night, the yellow warbler wakes us up from our Dreams with its gentle tones and awakens spring from its hibernation.

The sound of the warbler rises, and spring begins. It is the best Time of year for spring, and spring is full of hope.


The rain of flowers is like a crisp spring

The old saying goes that the warblers are in disorder at the halfway point of spring. At this time, the sound of warbler gives way to the sound of rain.

In Du Fu’s poem: “Good rain knows the season, when spring is happening. With the wind diving into the night, moisten things silently.” Spring rains moisten the earth and bring burgeoning vitality.

But I love the sound of spring rain falling on the petals of flowers, which the ancients called flower rain. In terms of flower rain, the most beautiful is the spring rain of apricot blossoms. The rain falls on the apricot blossoms, poof rustling, unlike the sound of the autumn rush dash, but the rain like crisp a garden spring. Listening to the apricot blossoms and spring rain, what you hear is hope and leisure.

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I hate that I was born in the south of the country, but I have never heard of apricot blossom rain. But in the poet gave me imagination, Lu You said, “A small building listened to the spring rain overnight, and sold apricot blossoms in a deep alley tomorrow.” Chen and Yi said, “The guest son light in the book, apricot blossom news in the sound of rain.” A night of spring rain, full of apricot blossom fragrance, this is the rain apricot flowers bring the news of spring.

Some people say, the rain on the other petals is not also poof rustling? Why is it that only the apricot blossom knows spring? The reason is that when the spring rain comes, the flowers bloom and return in spring; when the spring rain lingers, the flowers bloom and bloom in spring, and the cold eclipse, it is the apricot blossom season rain.

The apricot blossoms and the smoke and rain of spring are very true.


〖Spring sound collection〗

I like the rain alone

When I was a teenager, I liked to listen to the sound of spring water gurgling, warbling, a garden of flowers and rain, because it stirred the heart and indicated that spring would be in full bloom; as I grew older, I would love to listen to the sound of rain hitting the eaves, raindrops of broad leaves, from which I would hear the taste of the world, the “old” realm of spring rain.

Throughout the ages, people who listen to the rain at midnight at the window are mostly preoccupied, so they let the rain hit the screen, dripping and answering. So for thousands of years, the sound of Chinese rain has hidden many people’s hearts and stories of vicissitudes.


After the fall of the Southern Song Dynasty, Jiang Jie, a poet from the Southern Song Dynasty, had no Home to go back to and wandered around. One day when he was hiding from the Yuan army and fled to a broken temple on a hill, he heard the sound of rain that night and felt the desolation of wandering.

“The young man listened to the rain and sang upstairs. The red candle is faint and disappointed. In his prime, he listened to the rain in the guest boat. River wide clouds low, broken geese called the west wind. And now listen to the rain under the monk’s hut. Sideburns have stars. Sorrow and happiness are always heartless. Just let the steps, dripping until the morning.”

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The sound of spring is finished, the spring rain is old, gradually old and ripe, it is made plain. That’s why I prefer the mood of Su Dongpo listening to the rain. It was a late spring, Su Dongpo encountered rain on his way, but he had no rain gear, but he had a different state of mind when his peers felt in trouble.

Do not listen to the sound of beating leaves through the forest. Why not chant and walk slowly? The bamboo staff and shoes are lighter than horses. Who is afraid. A straw rain and smoke to live. The spring breeze blows the wine awake. It is slightly cold. The slanting light on the hill is welcome. I look back to the place where I have always been. Go back. There is no rain or shine.

The rain will eventually stop and the sun will always shine. After the ups and downs, after the vicissitudes, can not be happy and not afraid to listen to the sound of rain in the calm.

Listen to the spring rain, all things go with the rain, shallow hearts happy.

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