Spring, eggs and milk stand aside, children drink more of this breakfast, thick and smooth, children grow faster

Spring is the season when everything grows, and it is a great Time for children in their teens to grow and develop, so Parents must seize this golden time. The children have accumulated a winter growth energy will be released at this time, so the body’s demand for calcium nutrition naturally increased, the choice of high-protein foods such as lean meat, fish, milk, soybeans, eggs, etc. is undoubtedly very important. Compared to soy milk milk, I would prefer to often give children to drink peanut milk, the practice is super simple, every day a cup of breakfast, smooth and thick and nutritious good to drink.

Peanuts in folklore is also known as “longevity fruit”, and and soybeans are known as “plant meat”, “vegetarian meat”, at this time we may wish to eat more peanuts, the benefits of many. The nutritional value of peanuts is higher than grain, can be comparable to eggs, milk, meat and some other animal foods, peanut fruit is rich in calcium, as well as containing a variety of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K and other substances, especially the content of unsaturated fatty acids is very high, very suitable for the manufacture of a variety of nutritious Food. Breakfast drink a bowl of peanut dew, can provide the body with a day of nutrition, children often drink to absorb calcium long body, is conducive to physical growth and development, and a strong peanut flavor, to give you a different feeling, adults and children like, 5 dollars enough for the whole Family to drink.

【Materials】: 100 grams of peanuts, 50 grams of glutinous rice, 600ml of water, the amount of rock sugar, more people can drink the ingredients to add some more

【Method】: 1, the peanuts into the oven, 160 ° baking for 10 minutes, until the smell of peanut oil can be taken out of the peanuts to peel, you can also soak the peanut rice after rubbing off the outer skin. Remove the peanut coat of peanuts, make the peanut dew white and tender, better taste.

2, the peanut rice and glutinous rice into the wall-breaker, and then put the right amount of crushed icing sugar, glutinous rice must be added, some people said they made at Home out of the peanut dew is not sold outside the kind of smooth feeling, what is the reason for this? In fact, it is because of the addition of an extra ingredient outside, that is, rice. When playing soy milk may wish to put a handful of rice, so that not only can increase the smoothness of soy milk, so that soy milk taste better, but also will not cover up the flavor of soy milk itself.

3, add 600 ml of water, like to drink thick less water, like to drink thin more water, or pour milk can also be, this amount of water out of the peanut cheese is very thick and smooth, like thick yogurt.

4, choose a wall-breaker, soybean milk machine or rice paste program can be, no tedious process, 25 minutes later, the peanut rice dew is ready.

Fine and smooth, thick and creamy, suitable for both young and old, full of nutrition, much better than soy milk, placed for a while, peanut rice dew on top of a layer of skin, my daughter loves to eat this layer of skin, very smooth.


1, such a proportion of the pulp is still very thick. When drinking, a layer of white on the mouth, like a little thin you can add a little water, but it is not recommended to add too much, too thin there is no peanut aroma.

2, no wall-breaker can use soymilk machine, it is not possible to juicer can also be broken and filtered and put in a pot and boil. The wall-breaker does not need to filter the slag, and the fight is more slippery, delicate, better taste.