DHS had warned Biden to repeal Trump’s border policy to create a disaster

Illegal immigrants caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in the United States.

Stephen Miller, a former senior adviser to Trump on immigration issues in the White House, said officials at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had warned President-elect Joe Biden‘s transition team that reversing President Donald Trump’s border policy would have “disastrous consequences. The president’s border policy would have “catastrophic consequences.

On March 17, Miller tweeted, “Professional officials at DHS warned Biden’s transition team that ending our proven border security measures would be catastrophic …… but they ignored those warnings and voluntarily created chaos. “

Miller added, “By 2020, we have implemented the most effective, rock-solid, far-reaching border security measures ever, clearing away years of accumulated, worthless litigation galore. Biden inherited an invincible system, and then he promptly shattered it, creating this rapidly escalating emergency.”

Miller, who is now a senior adviser to Trump, made the remarks in response to a news report. The report said Biden told Central American migrants to stay in their Home countries and not travel long distances to the U.S. border and cross it illegally.

Biden told ABC News, “I can say very clearly: don’t come over.”

The Biden Administration is facing a surge in the number of people crossing the border illegally, the worst in two decades. After Biden took office and immediately reversed more than a dozen key, Trumpian immigration measures, a massive influx of migrants came across the southern U.S. border.

“Perhaps no one on his staff informed him, but Biden’s Department of Homeland Security implemented a nationwide ‘catch-and-release’ policy,” Miller wrote. “Illegal immigrants from around the world will increasingly flood the border until Trump’s detention and deportation policies are reinstated.”

In an interview broadcast on Fox News on March 16, Trump criticized Biden’s border agenda, specifically lamenting Biden’s decision to halt construction of his own signature wall along the southern border.

“They should have finished it [the border wall],” Trump said of the border. “But instead they’re destroying our country. Thousands of people are pouring in here.”

Biden said the number of illegal immigrants has been surging over the past two years. But he agreed that the current influx of illegal immigrants “could” be worse. The president revealed Tuesday that he currently has no plans to visit the southern border.

Officials in border states say some illegal immigrants have tested positive for COVID-19 (Communist Party of China virus) but have not been forced to stay in quarantine, raising concerns that they could spread the virus.

Earlier this month, Biden sent a team of officials to examine the situation on the ground. He has not yet offered a view of what they saw, and it’s not clear if he has been briefed on the situation. White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters in Washington on Monday (March 15) that the administration believes it has a handle on the situation at the border.

“We recognize that this is a problem and we’re focused on addressing it,” Psaki said.