Sandstorm, gale force 9, snowstorm, frost all hit Shanxi

Recently, there is a wide range of strong sand and dust storms in mainland China, and the sky is dusky in many places. And in Shanxi province, in addition to sandstorms, there are high winds, blizzards, sleet and frost coming at the same Time!

On the evening of March 17, the CPC Central Weather Station continued to issue blue warnings for sand and dust storms: It is expected that as of 20:00 on March 18, there will be sandy or dusty weather in some areas in the southern and eastern Xinjiang basin, western Inner Mongolia, northeastern Qinghai, most of Gansu, Ningxia, central Shaanxi, eastern Shanxi, south-central Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, northern and western Shandong, central and western Henan, and northwestern Hubei, with Xinjiang There are sand and dust storms in the eastern part of the local area.

Shanxi Province in addition to dust storms, wind, snowstorms, snow, frost also came together!

At 23:22 on March 17, the Shanxi Provincial Meteorological Station issued a blue warning of snowstorm, warning area: Datong, Shuozhou, most of Xinzhou, northeastern Luliang, western Taiyuan, northern Jinzhong, most of Yangquan. It is expected that the snowfall in the warning area will reach more than 4mm in the next 12 hours.

The weather forecast for Shanxi for the next few days shows that during the day on March 19, the province will be cloudy to cloudy with light rain in most areas, moderate rain in the western part of the province, rain and snow or light to moderate snow in some mountainous areas in the north and central part of the province, with heavy to heavy snow in local areas. The lowest temperature in Datong area of Shanxi reached -13℃!

March 20 to 21, the province has 4-6, short 7 or more northwest winds, local areas up to 9. Minimum temperatures across Shanxi will fall to varying degrees, cooling 4-8 ℃, the north central mountains can exceed 8 ℃. 21 morning minimum temperatures in the north central will drop to below 5 ℃, the south will drop to between -5-2 ℃, most areas in the province will be frost; 22 morning minimum temperatures are still low.

In addition, Taiyuan and around more than 10 high-speed entrance closed.

As the two sessions of the Chinese Communist Party were held this year, the “two sessions blue” disappeared and Beijing has been under cloudy skies. On March 15, the strongest sandstorm of the last decade hit mainland China, with yellow sand in Beijing, and then the dust began to advance southward.

News on March 16 said the rare dust storm was spreading to the south that day, with floating dust also appearing in Jiangsu and Anhui. On the same day, monitoring by Beijing’s environmental protection department showed that the sand and dust had moved southward to affect central China and the north-central Yangtze River Delta region.

On March 17, Beijing was caught in dusty weather again, and on the 18th, the mainland still had dusty weather in many provinces and cities, with dust storms in local areas in eastern Xinjiang.

This wave of sudden onslaught of sand and dust storms, triggering the mainland netizens hot debate. The people showed images of yellow sand in the sky, have said “no daylight”, “full of mouth dirt taste”. The public imaginatively likened the dusty weather to “dirt-eating” weather.