The murder of five people in Baoding, the murderer killed himself

On March 13, a criminal case of extermination occurred in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, in which five members of a Family of six were killed and one injured (Photo source: video screenshot)

Hebei Baoding Li County, a family of five was killed in an extermination bloodbath, the murderer died by suicide after committing the crime.

According to the Li County Public Security Bureau informed that at 2243 hours on March 16 received the public alarm that a murder occurred at the Home of Zhang Moumou, a villager in Bao Hui Town. Zhang and his relatives were killed a total of five people, the suspect Zhang Mouguang (male, 32-year-old villagers in Bao Hui Town) committed suicide after the crime.

Since this year’s traditional Chinese New Year, there have been frequent homicides in many places in mainland China, many of which are family murders.

On March 13, a family of six was killed and one injured in a criminal case in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, and officials said the suspect was arrested in Tianjin.

On Feb. 21, a murder case occurred in Jingquan Village, Lishan Town, Xiangxiang City, Hunan Province, where a family of six, four people were killed and only two children survived. According to local villagers, the case was triggered by an extramarital affair. The suspect has been arrested.

On February 17 (the sixth day of the New Year), a major criminal case occurred in Yong Yue Village, Shiquan Town, Beian City, Heilongjiang Province. 68-year-old resident Wei Xiaojun escaped with a gun after killing seven people in the village. The seven people killed were from four different families.

On February 11, a tragic murder case occurred in the town of Baotai, Pingyi County, Shandong Province. Local villager Liu brutally killed six members of the family of a debtor, Lin Moumou, to collect 6,000 RMB in arrears. Liu committed suicide in fear of the crime.

Earlier, at about 5:00 a.m. on November 15 last year, a family of 6 members from 4 generations of grandchildren was murdered in Lou Fengmingzhuang Village, Jin Tang Township, Yuan Yang County, Henan Province.