Netizens are surprised that Hong Kong elementary school textbooks have become such

Hong Kong elementary school textbooks (Photo credit: Twitter)

As the Chinese Communist Party continues to tighten its grip on Hong Kong, someone posted online today (March 17) a Hong Kong elementary school textbook showing that the content is filled with Chinese Communist Party brainwashing propaganda. Netizens lamented that “the traditional characters can still be kept for now, but in a couple of years it might be simplified characters”.

The Twitter account “Tweeter Express” posted a photo today with the caption, “Hong Kong elementary school textbooks have become like this …….”

The picture shows that lesson 4 of the textbook is “Grandpa Deng Xiaoping planted a tree” and lesson 5 is “Uncle Lei Feng, you are there”.

Some netizens left a comment saying.

“6 (Lesson 6) Xi Jinping‘s Flatten”

“For now, we can still keep traditional characters, in a couple of years it may be simplified characters”

“Soon there will be a Cantonese version of the Lei Feng film for them to watch”

“Many families are preparing to emigrate!”

In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has been tightening its grip on Hong Kong, forcing through the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law last June amid a wave of international opposition, followed by repeated crackdowns on Hong Kong democrats, with the arrest and sentencing of One Media Hong Kong founder Lai Chi-ying and former Hong Kong Crowd members Wong Chi-fung, Chow Ting and Lam Long-yin, among others.

On November 11, the Hong Kong government announced that it would disqualify Yang Yueqiao, Kwok Wing-kong, Kwok Ka-ki and Leung Kit-cheong, leading to a press conference in which 15 pan-democratic legislators announced their collective resignation.

In January this year, the Hong Kong government issued a notice to serving civil servants, asking them to sign a declaration within four weeks to swear to uphold the Basic Law and pledge allegiance to the SAR.

On February 28, 47 pro-democracy activists were charged with “conspiracy to subvert state power” by the Hong Kong Police Force, and it was said that the Chinese Communist Party wanted to “uproot” democracy in Hong Kong.

In March, the Chinese National People’s Congress passed a resolution to change Hong Kong’s electoral system.

Some commentators say that the Chinese Communist Party will continue to introduce measures to tighten control over Hong Kong, as the Xi Jinping regime has become increasingly uneasy due to the open rebellion of Hong Kong people against the Chinese Communist Party, and Beijing will not call it quits if it does not ensure that Hong Kong will be “ruled by patriots” as defined by the Chinese Communist Party, and that full control will be effectively implemented.

In the process of tightening its control over Hong Kong, the CCP, which has always focused on “starting with children,” will not relax on the children of Hong Kong. In addition to revising Hong Kong’s elementary school textbooks and conducting red-brainwashing propaganda, after the implementation of the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law, all Hong Kong students, from high school to primary school, will be required to take national security Education courses to further enhance students’ so-called “national concept” and “national identity The curriculum is designed to further enhance students’ so-called “national concept” and “national identity”.

Primary school students need to know the names of the four major crimes, including secession, subversion of state power, terrorist activities, and collusion with foreign countries or forces outside the country to endanger national security; junior high school students need to understand the basic meaning of the four major crimes; and senior high school students need to understand the specific provisions of the four major crimes and recognize their importance to “safeguarding national security.

In the face of increasing control by the Chinese Communist Party, Hong Kong people have chosen to vote with their feet. The number of immigrant applicants in Hong Kong has increased dramatically since the implementation of the Chinese Communist Party’s version of the National Security Law.

The British Home Office officially announced details of British National (Overseas) Visa (BNO visa) applications on January 29 this year, pointing out that at least 123,000 BNO applications are predicted to come to the UK by this route in the first year, and at least 258,000 and up to 322,400 will apply in five years. In addition, the Home Office also revealed that from July 15, 2020 to January 13, 2021, about 7,000 BNOs and their dependents have been granted Leave outside the Rules (LOTR) to stay in the UK.

Bank of America Securities (BofA Securities) investment market research report published in mid-January this year, there will be 280.243 billion Hong Kong dollars in 2021 (about 232.334 billion yuan) out of Hong Kong due to Hong Kong people migrate to the United Kingdom, the next five years will take away a total of 588.053 billion Hong Kong dollars.