CCP’s viral nightmare, even Warren Buffett, the stock god, capsized

The Chinese Communist virus Epidemic hit many companies hard last year, and Berkshire Hathaway temporarily put aside Warren Buffett’s “long-term hold” mentality to liquidate or reduce its holdings in a number of companies. However, this year’s economic reboot after the rise of value stocks, last year’s losers gradually stand firm, Buffett sold last year’s United Airlines (United Airlines), Occidental Petroleum (Occidental Petroleum) will let him lose $ 713 million.

Warren Buffett’s Pocahontas Hathaway liquidated or reduced its holdings of several companies in 1 year

Financial website “Investor’s Business Daily” reported that in the worst performance of these 2 companies in Q2 last year, Buffett sold nearly 19 million shares of Occidental Petroleum at $18.3 per share; however, Occidental Petroleum is the 4th strongest performing company in the S&P 500 this year, up nearly 77% to $30.63 as of last Friday, and Buffett thus Buffett lost $233 million as a result.

Buffett also liquidated 22.1 million shares of United Airlines in Q2 last year when the company’s stock price slumped to $34.61. But United has rebounded strongly this year by 30% and is now in the top 20% of companies to close at $56.29 last Friday, costing Buffett more than $480 million.

The article analyzes S&P 500 data, showing that the 50 worst-performing stocks in 2020 are all up so far, and by a staggering margin: up 33% on average, significantly outpacing the 5% gain in the broader S&P. The 10 worst-performing stocks in the S&P 500 in 2020 are even better, now up 44.8%, mostly in the energy category.

Warren Buffett also did not enter the field when the cruise stocks plummeted, 2 major cruise companies Carnival Cruise Line (Carnival Cruise Line), Norwegian Cruise Line (Norwegian Cruise Line) are the bottom of the S&P 500 performance of stocks last year, down 57%, but this year has risen 31.4%, 21%, respectively.

Warren Buffett’s IPO bet is also not bright, accounting for nearly half of Pocock’s portfolio of Apple fell 9% this year. But Pocock’s shares are still up 13.5% this year because many other valuable investments, such as railroads and financials, have paid off.