Chinese in Myanmar suffer as a result of the Chinese Communist Party, Taiwanese businessmen take refuge under the flag of the Republic of China

The Chinese Communist Party and Taiwan reacted differently to this. The spokesman of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhao Lijian, said that the incident of smashing and looting of Chinese enterprises in Myanmar was very bad in nature and urged the Myanmar side to take practical measures to ensure the safety of the lives and properties of the personnel of Chinese enterprises in Myanmar, and also called on the Myanmar people not to be incited and exploited to avoid damaging the friendship and cooperation between China and Myanmar. In other words, nothing is done, whether it can’t be done or doesn’t want to be done.

And Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry does have concrete measures, and they will definitely work, namely to let Taiwanese businesses in Myanmar fly the flag of the Republic of China and label them as Taiwanese enterprises to avoid being misjudged as Chinese enterprises.

For a long Time, the CCP has been bragging about how popular the CCP is in the world, especially in third world countries, how Chinese passports can protect Chinese citizens, and during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, there were special reports on how the Iraqi army protected the employees of Chinese companies, and how the Taiwanese also had to resort to the help of the CCP, etc. The “War Wolf” that was later spawned The “War Wolf” that was later spawned was considered to have reached its peak.

But then many International Students were trapped overseas during the Epidemic and could not return Home, and it seems that the War Wolf became the object of their anger. It seems that it is Taiwan that can really save people at critical moments.

Overseas anti-China, mostly instigated by the CCP, such as in Southeast Asia in the 1960s and Myanmar today, the CCP never took responsibility or rescued at critical moments. I remember one year when anti-Chinese broke out in some parts of Indonesia, the CCP did nothing, but the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce issued a threat to withdraw its investment if it did not stop, and the Indonesian military was immediately mobilized to quell the riots.

Now the trend, overseas Chinese enterprises, individuals, organizations, and the Chinese Communist Party involved in the bad luck, the Chinese Communist Party will only be involved, and Taiwan can really protect.