Those who can’t get a bachelor’s degree are intellectually challenged? Who said so?

On March 16, a job seeker contacted Mr. Wu, a recruiter at Hangzhou CityDO, expressing interest in bidding for a product operation position, according to a land media report.

After asking about his university degree, Mr. Wu asked, “Is your school a third degree?” and after receiving an affirmative answer, he said, “Sorry, we only need second degree or above.” The job seeker replied, “Okay.”

Mr. Wu added, “The ones who can’t get a bachelor’s degree are the ones with IQ problems.”

(Weibo picture)
The job seeker was so angry that he took a screenshot of the conversation and posted it on Weibo, sparking outrage among netizens.

Some said, “You can choose not to recruit, but please respect others.” “This HR’s emotional intelligence is 0, not suitable for dealing with people, hurry up and dismiss.” “The company requires more than a bachelor’s degree is understandable, there is no problem. But to say that the examination is not a bachelor’s degree is very problematic IQ problems!”

Some people also contacted the company through the online recruitment platform and questioned, “I heard that your company advertises to the public that those who can’t get a bachelor’s degree are intellectually challenged?” The other side denied that the person involved was the company’s HR, and said the incident was “being handled”, adding that “Mr. Wu has already cooled off”.

Due to the large amount of public attention, CityDO issued a statement on its official Weibo account that night apologizing, acknowledging that the person involved was an employee of the group and saying that it had “made serious criticism, Education and treatment”, while clearing up the relationship between its inappropriate comments and the company’s official attitude.

At the same Time, some netizens said that “academic discrimination has always been there”, “the mouth said that the education is not discriminatory, but in reality, all understand …” “is a giant central enterprises official employees of my opinion, we do not have a problem, education The discrimination is really serious.”

There are also many netizens disclose their own experience of discrimination in other job search events.

Someone said, “Ping An HP personnel also said I do not deserve it.” “Our company HR look down on women, themselves are also female, but also diss us girls also on these years of the golden period, after the worthless.” “Also encountered HR regional discrimination, feeling that he is a big city to come, a look of dislike foreign cities and people.”

Others said, “the same thing, certain public titles appear in Life, (for example) ’30 years old without a mobility scooter, not worth living’, ’35 years old in a first-tier city struggling to pay the down payment can not afford to get married in this life’