Fuzhou congee store will eat leftover ribs recycled and re-sold

On March 15, a Fujian media reported after an unannounced visit that Manling Congee Fuzhou Baolong Branch’s back kitchen hygiene conditions were worrying, with employees recycling leftover ribs and reprocessing them to sell to customers.

According to Fujian Radio, Film and Television Group’s TV news comprehensive channel, many employees of Man Ling Congee Store Baolong Branch grabbed Food materials with their bare hands without washing their hands for a long Time, and smoking at the back kitchen operation table also happened from time to time. In some cases, after dinner, the staffs of the store recycled the leftover pork ribs and added them to the yam and pork rib congee for customers. The reporter reflected to a number of staff, the staff said there is no big problem.

In addition, many of the sweet porridge in Man Ling congee stores such as the Baolong store is blended with cans, and the staff only heats the porridge in the cans slightly before selling it to consumers, while the Man Ling congee brand advertisement clearly states the slogan “small round rice now boiled, naturally thick”.

When the news came out, Man Ling congee “regulars” expressed their shock, and netizens expressed their concern and hot discussion, with the topic “Fuzhou Man Ling congee store puts leftover ribs in the pot again” on Weibo. The topic has received at least 230 million reads and 15,000 discussions. Netizens believe that the issue of food safety on the mainland is a matter of urgency.

On the evening of March 15, Shanghai Yirong Catering Management Co., Ltd, which owns the Manling Congee brand, issued a letter of apology through its official WeChat public number “Manling Catering” and promised to strengthen management in the future.

According to the official website of Manling Congee Store, Manling Congee Store is a restaurant brand of Shanghai Yirong Catering Management Co. It currently has more than 900 stores nationwide, mainly operating online, with an average daily order volume of 220,000 units at its stores.

According to Fujian media reports, the Manling congee store Baolong, which was found to have health and safety hazards, is a franchise store with monthly sales of more than 8,000 copies, ranking at the top of the sales list.