A day in the life of a couple of small vegetable vendors

There are two kinds of customers for the small couple vegetable stalls in Henan. One is a retail customer and one is a commercial customer, which is a variety of small restaurants.

A typical vegetable stall. There are about 10 commercial customers, each with a turnover of 200,2000 revenue. Gross profit is about 500.

100 retail customers spend 20 per person, also 2000. 1000 profit.

Gross profit is 1500 per day, 365 days a year. Gross income of 500,000, in addition to rent (store and residence), own various consumption. The net income for a year is around 200,000. A good 300,000 is not uncommon. Here’s how they can earn this money.

Commercial customers, profits are low, but the bottom is guaranteed. Vegetable stalls develop a customer is not easy. To understand the needs of customers, what is the menu, the amount of various dishes used is how much, what quality standards. And the boss chef to get a good relationship. To do some simple pre-processing. It’s a matter of supply chain fit.

Retail customers. To know what customers need dishes, cooking knowledge, I often communicate with small vegetable vendors how to burn this ingredient. And with. For example, many vegetable vendors see you buy vegetables will give you the right auxiliary ingredients. Of course, you have to choose carefully, the dishes should be good quality. Cabbage helper to peel clean, to sprinkle water and so on.

This much work. At the latest at 2:00 am, my husband has to get up to go to the goods. After entering the goods back, more than 5:00. Couple in the stall to start sorting and distribution of goods on the goods. By six o’clock, the first wave of women and men to buy Food. The husband continued to sort and distribute goods, and began to deliver to commercial customers at seven o’clock and eight o’clock. 10 o’clock about the completion of the delivery, back to help his wife sell vegetables and organize the stall.

By 12:00 noon, the morning work is over. Couple two simple Chinese food, and then sleep. At three o’clock in the afternoon at the start of the second round.

After three o’clock in the afternoon. Two people cooperate one is to organize one is to sell vegetables. Sometimes the husband will also sleep late four or five o’clock to help.

Six o’clock to close the stall, finishing cleaning Home cooking dinner at eight o’clock. Husband will go to bed and get up at two o’clock in the night. Wife clean up and do housework, take care of the children. 11 o’clock to bed. The next day at five o’clock to get up. This is the day of the young couple week in and week out.


Many people are full of misconceptions about the word “part-Time“, I know many to start a business, the reason is that they do not want to work part-time, think the future is a bit ashamed of working when you are older. But you go to be a boss is not a part-time job? If you think not, the only reason is just not big enough not good enough, you have not met your reporting object, one day he will step on the colorful clouds from the sky, with a tax bill, official seal, documents or something else to remind you that it is time to pay the weekly report.

Working, earning, raising a Family – there is no shame in that, on the contrary, it is the best Destiny an ordinary person can be given and enjoy, and at some point you may even be grateful that you have been given such a destiny. Yes, it is a bit flat and lacks the capitalization and carriage returns you would expect, but that’s how the world, no matter how vast and rich, is ultimately built.

The Internet has given an entire generation the illusion that we will eventually rise from the ground, resist the gravity of Life and remain forever young, read growth with programs, deconstruct destiny with code, follow the vine along the WIFI, and pick the fruits of victory of the technological revolution. The journey to wealth and freedom is already overcrowded, but we can definitely catch the last train anyway, leaving the old days of railroad tracks far behind us.

Don’t tease guys, allow the midnight of living and breathing has passed, there are fifty-year-old fruit farmers will be fifty-year-old code farmers, which may be separated by as long as fifty years, but it will come, in that day, we have to give ourselves the meaning of life: working, making money, raising a family – these six words inside the custody of all our dignity evidence.