China and North Korea depend on each other as U.S. runs Asia

Just before the U.S. and China met directly in Alaska, Biden held a video meeting with the heads of state of Japan, Australia and India for the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, the most important diplomatic event since Biden took office, which of course pointed to the Chinese Communist Party.

Biden changed Trump‘s “America First” strategy and focused on coordinating with allies to work together, but it didn’t go well. The main problem is in Europe, where the EU, led by Germany and France, is not directly threatened by China and has not been deeply involved in Asian affairs, plus economically coveting China’s large market, and has been taking an ambiguous stance. Recently, the EU has been speaking out on Xinjiang and Hong Kong, which is more than nothing. This year, French and German warships may cross the South China Sea, which is a big move.

Biden to the European countries, can only take the “wait” approach, but in Asia, he can not wait.

Japan is the most loyal ally of the United States, the long-standing oppression by the Chinese Communist Party, the United States and China since the crossfire, Japan’s attitude is clear. The withdrawal of enterprises from the mainland, and the United States in the field of diplomacy, defense, science and technology and other deep cooperation, “four-party security dialogue”, Japan can not wait for.

As for India, and the Chinese Communist Party is in the border conflict, India and want to be in the U.S.-China trade dispute caused by the restructuring of the globalization of the supply chain for maximum benefit, so India is also very active.

Australia was the first to raise the blame for the Epidemic, to take in Chinese spies, to participate in U.S. military exercises, and to speak out frequently on Xinjiang, Taiwan and Hong Kong, which led to the Chinese Communist Party’s trade war and restrictions on Australian coal, lobster, iron ore and wine imports. Australia has been suffering from the anger of the Chinese Communist Party for a long Time, and the United States wants to gang up on it, so Australia is in the right place.

The “Quadripartite Security Dialogue” is held on the basis of the common interests of the four countries, it is not a temporary patchwork, is a permanent alliance, so it is known as “Asia’s small NATO”. The United States in Asia, the most reliable allies, can also count Taiwan and South Korea, but Taiwan is a bit sensitive, South Korea is a bit ambiguous, can only be left to the next step.

The four-party talks had positive results, one is the epidemic, the four countries decided to cooperate in the production of one billion doses of vaccine in India to support Asian countries. The U.S. will contribute scientific research and funding, Japan will also contribute funding and research, Australia will fund and arrange delivery, and India will have the largest vaccine production base readily available. This will be implemented soon and will enter the operational phase.

The epidemic will soon be under control, the economies of the four countries will be the first to recover, and on the basis of this cooperation, a long-term mechanism will be established, that is, any time a different epidemic occurs, it will be possible to cook the bowl and respond to it with ease, and will no longer be subject to Chinese communist coercion.

The quadrilateral security talks also agreed on a framework for cooperation in the production of rare earths. Australia has rare earths, refining originally in the United States, the United States has increased investment in this area, but always pollution problems have been a constraint worry. The four countries agreed to strengthen investment in scientific research, research new and safe refining standards and methods, and may also be based in India in the future, thereby breaking the Chinese Communist Party’s rare earth blockade.

What the four countries have established is not one or two cooperation projects, but a model of cooperation, and any aspect can be compared to the same model of long-term collaboration. In electronic technology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, etc., all can be compared to the same model of long-term cooperation. This is undoubtedly a serious strategic threat to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which will be permanently isolated and struck.

In addition to the four countries, they are followed by South Korea and Taiwan. South Korea originally had a good relationship with the U.S., but South Korea depends on the CCP to suppress North Korea and needs China’s huge market, so South Korea has been ambiguous on the U.S.-China relationship, but if the U.S.-China relationship deteriorates further, South Korea will have no choice but to choose sides, otherwise it will lose the trust of the U.S. (U.S. chip technology has started to blockade South Korea), lose the U.S. market, and lose in the competition with Taiwan. What is more serious is that the further we move away from the US, the weaker South Korea’s national defense will be, and North Korea will become more rampant, and the Communist Party will become more reckless in holding it hostage. Therefore, sooner or later, South Korea will return to the United States, and there is no second way out.

Taiwan’s position is of course very important, but Taiwan’s entry into the circle of the four countries’ security talks will instantly anger the Chinese Communist Party and make the situation break down more quickly.

ASEAN is also within the U.S. goals, but ASEAN members are complex and small countries that do not dare to showdown directly with the Chinese Communist Party, the U.S. will only take its time, first pulling Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia, while the others are optional.

The Chinese Communist Party must be under a lot of pressure for this move by the Biden Administration. The Chinese Communist Party has to face not the EU in the distance, but the neighboring countries in the near future. The quadrilateral talks are not a small fight, but a long-term strategic deterrent. The CCP is screaming in its heart, but there is nothing it can do.

If the Chinese Communist Party does not change its ways, it will have only one small brother in Asia, North Korea, to fall back on. North Korea’s power is almost zero, and it relies on the Chinese Communist Party to save it every day.

If you are an enemy of the world, the world will be an enemy of you, Xi Jinping can rest in peace, only he knows.