Galileo in Hong Kong

Hong Kong‘s Dr. Yuen Kwok Yung, in a larger historical and cultural perspective, is increasingly looking like a Hong Kong version of Galileo.

First of all, Dr. Yuen pointed out sternly that the virus originated from the so-called wildlife market in Wuhan, at least in relation to the Chinese people’s bad habit of eating bats and game. This claim has been labeled by an American white left “professor” who makes a living in China as promoting “cultural colonialism” or “white Food Culture superiority theory”. If this had happened in the United States, I am afraid that Professor Yuan Guoyong would have been the first to be expelled by the “Cancel Culture” of American universities and criticized by the New York Times.

Then Guoyong Yuan took the lead and went deep into the people, carefully checking the ventilation systems and drains of grassroots homes, with a dedicated and rigorous attitude that reminded me of an astronomer peering into the sky with a lonely telescope in a laboratory. Then as late as a year later, although the source of the “Gopher XIX” coronavirus from the United States, Italy or Australia has become a solid consensus of 1.4 billion Chinese people, but Yuan Guoyong also in the “Scintillating Celebrity” forum, a person, a voice, full of clothes, the I still think this virus originated in Wuhan. A moment of silence in all four seats. These words reminded me of Galileo, who, when facing the fire, walked out of the court of the Inquisition, which insisted that the earth was the center of the universe, still muttered: “But the earth is still turning.”

Then, in the patriotic war against the vaccine “Are you Chinese or not”, Yuan Guoyong decided to choose the “Western powers” of Fubitai, and did not want the nurse to do it for him, but did it himself, saying it would hurt a little. This move is a double entendre, and smacks of martyrdom.

Dr. Yuan insisted on the basic facts of science and logical thinking, and belonged to the school of Aristotle’s so-called Methodology essentialism, which emphasizes the fundamentals of things in heaven and earth, and lightens the emotions of “bullying by the powers since the Opium War”. Obviously, Dr. Yuan is not the kind of person who can accept the “different cultural norms” of acupuncture, anesthesia, and surgery after learning Mao Zedong’s thought in the 1970s, and who can eat watermelon while calling long live Chairman Mao. His yellow skin and white heart index, the foreign slave traitor’s danger, repeatedly taught, repeatedly violated the bottom line, in the Internet era, really worry about him.

Brecht in the play “Galileo biography”, through the mouth of the character said: “Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes” (Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes). Dr. Yuan you play your Fubitai well, in the surrounding noise mania, pretending to sleep, you can not wake up; turned into a zombie, you can not save the Life. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.