Paraplegic fashion blogger

Luyingliu, 29, has more than 30 pairs of high heels.

She has worn these shoes into campuses in Shanghai, office buildings in Beijing, bazaars in England, and small towns in Turkey. But after she turned 25, these shoes were stuffed into the bottom of a dimly lit cabinet by Luyingliu, and only when the weather was good would they be taken out and listed in a row under the sun.

But she also just look at them, will not wear them again. “Because you can’t wear them in, now every day sedentary, feet swollen especially bad, I used to wear 38 yards, now you have to 40 yards of sneakers to fit in. “

Because of an accident four years ago, Lu Yingliu paraplegia, young she is in a wheelchair, can control only the head, neck and arms. Once friends, suitors and jobs, along with the decency and glamour of this girl’s childhood, like those high heels, were sealed by fate into a place where no light could be seen. Luyingliu’s Life, like the feeling of her limbs, became crippled.

But she stubbornly reclaims a beauty. At the end of her bent knuckles, she wears bright nail polish; on her curled and deformed feet, she struggles to put on a pair of five-finger socks; her body, which cannot stand up, wears a clean pink dress. Even the non-slip hand rings on the sides of the wheelchair are pink.

She became a fashion blogger. Luyingliu uses videos to share her makeup, dress and life with netizens, and recently, she stormed onto the b-station hot list because of a video called “Daily Life of a Paralyzed Person Revealed”. The video received nearly 2 million views and thousands of netizens encouraged her in the pop-ups and comment section.

And Luyingliu began to believe that if the lipstick was bright enough, the scars would no longer be conspicuous.

Accidentally broken

“At the beginning of paralysis, I was like a living dead man with my eyes open. ” – “The Daily Life of a Paralyzed Person Revealed

In January 2017, Luyingliu turned 25 years old. One morning, with her suitcase in hand, she took a taxi and ran to the capital airport. As planned, she was to board a flight to Singapore in a few hours for a vacation.

She had just graduated with a master’s degree from the UK and was working at a study abroad agency in Beijing, where the dry cold of Beijing in January was blistering, and the gray trees outside the car window were being left behind at a rapid pace, and in a few moments this expectant girl would be on a plane to her destination in the south, where rain and sunshine were abundant.

After the driver made a U-turn, Luying lost her memory. When she woke up, she was lying in a more gray and bald hospital. 2, 4, 5, 6 cervical vertebrae were crushed and the bone of the 6th vertebrae was removed, a plate built into a brace to support her body, and it took six months for the bone to grow back.

However, the spinal nerves wrapped inside were difficult to recover. Even after moving to 3 hospitals, undergoing 5 surgeries, 3 ICU sessions, and being hospitalized for 2 years and 2 months, she was only able to regain control of her head, neck and arms. The rest of her body could not feel cold or heat, not even pain. There was some sensation in her hands, but it was “not normal” and sometimes there were pins and needles like nerve pain.

After the tracheotomy, a scar fell on Luyingliu’s throat, and her voice became hoarse and tired-sounding. Her previous suitors stopped showing up, her friends gradually lost touch, and work was even more out of the question.

She didn’t know exactly what happened after the car turned that day, but it was clear to her that her life had been completely shattered. She didn’t get on a plane, but she got into a wheelchair. The body, which felt crippled, turned the corner and carried her headlong into the darkness.

“Why such bad luck? Why did it have to be myself? “

For a year or two afterwards, this question remained in Lu Young-ryu’s mind. She didn’t know what she had done wrong, she became unwilling to speak, just wanted to lock herself up, and even wanted to die.

But she fell in love with swimming. With a floating ring on her hand, her father carried her into the pool and was able to float on the water with a wave of his hand, “I had a feeling of being free from the earth’s gravity. “Buoyancy makes her happy like a fish, the ground can not move the body, in the water to experience a rare ease.

This ease also appeared in the dream. Luyingliu walked in her Dreams, ran in her dreams, and ate with chopsticks in her dreams. Halfway through running, halfway through eating, and halfway through waking up from the dream, “How can I hold chopsticks now? How can I run now? ” Luyingliu woke up with a jolt, but it was still a long dark night outside the window.

Starting over from scratch

You can’t imagine how much resistance the elastic band at the mouth of the sock is to my fingertips. –The Daily Life of a Paralyzed Person

What is the first thing a person does when he or she wakes up? Some people say, “Open your eyes, get up, and get out of bed.

Opening her eyes was not difficult for Luying-ryu, but from then on, all the routine life procedures were “difficult mode” for her. She had no strength in her lower back and abdomen, so to sit up, she had to rely on the strength of her upper arms to support herself, repeatedly adjusting her posture and sitting up on her side. She practiced such an action for three years.

When putting on socks, her weak fingers could not hold up the elastic band of the socks, so she put both hands into the socks, held them open with the back of her hands, and then sent them up to her feet. This took more than 10 minutes. And “when I first started practicing, I was biting the side of the sock with my teeth, then bringing my hand in and then putting it on forward. “

One cannot ignore that at the tips of the curled fingers, a piece of nail is painted with shiny nail polish. In a clumsy, screwed up and frustrated life, she maintains decency and beauty.

Like many girls, Luyingliu has always loved beauty. Since middle school, she secretly saved money to buy nice clothes, shoes and bags. She collected 50 to 60 lipsticks in different shades and bought a closet full of princess dresses from Korean dramas online. Her mother said she was a “shopaholic” and said she “could start a second-hand market”.

She loved pink, the walls of her room were pink, the lipstick on her lips was pink, and the feathers on her bow hairband were pink.

The accident took away a lot of color from her life. “Now a lot of things are occasionally taken out to match with with, turn over, look at, life can not be used. “Her fingers are not dexterous, there is a zipper skirt, the boots used in the photo shoot, need the help of the mother to put on; hands can not pinch the zipper of a small leather bag, simply replaced with a large backpack on both shoulders; swollen feet can not wear high heels, she bought more comfortable sneakers, never untie the laces, directly to the feet Stuff it hard ……

Everything has to be learned from scratch, including turning over, eating, and writing. In the beginning, Luyingliu was often very cranky, “the pen has been unable to hold, write a little and fall down. She used to love to draw, but now she has given up.

Her mother, who could not braid her hair, could not help her tie it properly, and the two of them sulked with a hair band, and Luyingliu thought reluctantly, “If I were better, I could do all this myself. “

Tears flowed out of her eyes as she thought about it.

Fashion blogger

Now I can put on my pants in less than half an hour. –The Daily Life of a Paralyzed Person Revealed

Wiping away her tears, Luyingliu decided to ask fate for something back.

Her real name is Sun Chenlu and she has a teenage heart and some teenage habits. She reads novels and watches anime, and likes the character named Rukawa Maple in “Dunk Master” and a male protagonist of a novel with the word “Ying” in his name, so she combines the names of the two. The name “Lu Yingliu” was given to him and he used it from junior high school until now.

In 2018, Luyingliu, who is still in the hospital, posted her first Little Red Book note. She did her own nail art with the assistance of her Family by holding her nail polish with her wrist raised. The blue-purple tone on the nails shone like a slice of starry sky on the fingers that could not be held together.

She began to get attention, “with more than 2,000 fans”, and also received many similar She also received a lot of encouragement like “Come on, you’ll get better”. Luyingliu, who could rarely communicate with her friends in reality, was compensated on the Internet. She started to spill her heart with a group of strangers, and some netizens took pictures of blue sky and white clouds and sent them to Luyingliu. Such ordinary fragments of life also made her yearn for them, and she sniffed the air from far away through the screen.

“Like a window, or else from morning to night are the three of us, Mom and Dad, wide-eyed, actually quite dull. But as soon as you open your phone, you can see the private messages from people in the sky and the sea to you. “

In 2020, Luyingliu was invited to participate in the “Little Red Book Day” event and shared her experiences with the audience on the theater stage. Since then, Luyingliu has gradually developed the idea of being a blogger. She started making short videos to share what she wears and how she looks in her wheelchair.

Before filming, she writes a script, sometimes with her mom holding a camera to help her, sometimes with the help of a selfie stand. Wearing clothes and makeup is not convenient for her: her hands do not control the eyeliner pencil well, sometimes in the end of the eye hook funny traces; foundation bottle, also need help from her mother to unscrew, “each makeup fastest also takes an hour. “

Makeup gives her more confidence. She put on orange lipstick in front of the camera, wearing a small floral dress, looking “full of energy”. “Making yourself happy is the first thing. It takes a day to shoot and a day to edit, “Music jams, with subtitles, it’s not easy. “

Since February of this year, she has been stationed on the b site. In her comment section, netizens with similar experiences to Luyingliu confide in her, more netizens cheer her and everyone else who is not favored by fate, and fans send perfume and nail polish to Luyingliu.

On February 28, 2021, she posted a video titled “Daily Life of a Paralyzed Person Revealed”. In the 5 minutes and 25 seconds video, she shows a day of her life: waking up, washing up, eating, rehabbing, and making videos ……

In the video, the tires of the gray wheelchair are covered with a blue non-slip floating ring she bought on purpose, and like pink, that is also her favorite color, the color she stubbornly asked fate to get back.

Looking up at the stars

The long dark night had finally passed. –The Daily Life of a Paralyzed Person is Wide Open

The video shot up to the top of the b-site hot list, with nearly 2 million plays and 110,000 likes, and the media started to come to her door. Luyingliu felt that she seemed to be on fire.

At first, her Parents did not support her as a video blogger, “Mom thinks it’s too much of a waste of Time, and no one is watching. “Now, her mother is also starting to support her. On March 8, Women’s Day, Luying streamed makeup for her mother. “Makeup for my mother is not as familiar as for myself. When I lift my arm, I always have to fall forward, and my back is especially painful. “

The father gave mother and daughter shot for six hours until the early morning, but the video of the mother did not see the fatigue, only raised the corners of his mouth and said, “There is a daughter in, our family is happy beyond measure. “

Currently, Lu Yingliu has posted 23 videos on the b site and has 60,000 fans. A netizen commented, “Compared to you, my illness and heart knot are nothing. “Luyingliu is so happy that she feels she has helped others.

She has found meaning to her life that she is starting over. “It used to feel like every day was the same from morning to night, and I didn’t know what this was doing day after day, year after year. Now, Luying flows like a “chicken blood” After waking up, she always likes to read the comments on the Internet, then read an English, do five or six hours of rehab exercises, shoot videos, practice playing table tennis …… before going to bed at night, but also to think about what to shoot the next day, with a good inspiration, she took the phone to write down.

Life became full, she rarely to remember that January 2017, “their lives may be bad luck. “Luying flow not to dwell, “after all, it also happened, you can not change, I can only live in the moment, now can do a lot of things or. “

She has nothing to regret, except for one thing – “recently the fund did not sell, and then now is trapped. ” Luyingliu joked.

She still found the opportunity to go to Singapore, which she didn’t make it to that year, and set foot in that place with rain and sunshine. By now, she has been to more than 30 countries, many of which she arrived in a wheelchair. She loves the town of Oia on the Greek island of Santorini, which has the most beautiful sunsets in the world, “lying on that black sand beach, looking up at the sky is full of stars. “

“People who look up at the stars, they are also shining” – this is when Lu Yingliu participated in This was the theme of the “Little Red Book Day” event that Luyingliu participated in. At the end of her speech, wearing a pink dress, she said

I believe that we will eventually get through this and reach the other side. “