U.S. Army’s first F-15EX fighter jet can carry hypersonic weapons

Colonel Sean Dorey, USAF F-15EX program director, said, “This is a big deal for the Air Force. With the F-15EX’s projection capability, digital backbone and open architecture, the F-15EX is a key force in our fleet for the future, filling the gap for fifth-generation fighters. In addition, the F-15EX is capable of carrying hypersonic weapons, giving it an advantage in future conflicts of equal capability (near-peer conflicts).

The U.S. Air Force awarded Boeing the F-15EX fighter procurement contract in July last year, the first batch of 8 orders, and in February this year, Boeing conducted F-15EX fighter test flights, then it was estimated that this quarter will be delivered to the Air Force 2, the future planning will introduce a total of 144 F-15EX fighters, but according to the contract options, up to 200 F-15EX fighters, according to the current schedule. The second batch will be delivered in fiscal year 2024, and the third batch in fiscal year 2025.

It is understood that the F-15EX is the most advanced version of the series, with a new electric warfare warning and survivability system EPAWSS (Eagle Passive/Active Warning and Survivability System), effectively improving mission efficiency and survivability. However, the report mentions that if compared with the fifth generation of anonymity fighter F-35, the F-15EX fighter is criticized by the outside world as a regressive fighter, so the U.S. military has a special mention on this delivery, the F-15EX fighter will be a key combat power to fill the vacancy of the fifth generation of fighters.