Continental man wants to bury himself alive: this era is too difficult

According to the land media, on March 5, 27-year-old Wang took a taxi with a shovel to Cemetery Hill and tried to bury himself. The cab driver was informed and immediately called the police, then the depressed Wang was taken to the police station.

Wang Mou said that he worked alone in Hangzhou for 3 years, feeling that nothing and no one cares, so the idea of light-heartedness. Wang Mou’s Parents learned that they rushed to Hangzhou overnight, but the video shows that Wang Mou’s attitude toward his parents is relatively cold.

The incident was reported today (March 12), once on the microblogging hot search list, triggering hot debate.

Some people said, “Life is not easy, the breakdown of adults may be in a moment.” “This is the way it is now, a person outside, encounter difficulties even a person can talk to no one, all rely on themselves to carry.” “He needs a friend to talk to, not so sad, but work is so busy where to make friends.” “He just wants a little love.”

Some netizens also pointed out a “harsh reality” under the Chinese Communist Party.

Some said, “And want to bury themselves, brother, have you bought a cemetery? If you don’t buy a plot and want to be buried here, you’re simply not taking the relevant authorities seriously!”

“The key is, did not buy a cemetery you buried also have to give dig out, after all, a good lot of more than 100,000 it. How to rectify this world.”

“Want to say the cemetery is so expensive, I can not afford to buy a cemetery.” “Ugh …… burial place can not afford it ……”

There is also a phenomenon worthy of attention is that many people actually expressed the same “do not want to live” idea as Wang Mou.

They left a message saying, “(He) did what a lot of people want to do actually.” “If I didn’t have the courage, I would want to bury myself.”

“In fact, I also want to bury myself, but have not dared, mainly because my parents are still in ……”

“No feelings attached to me also want to bury themselves, and the last straw of life is to receive a monthly salary to save some money, otherwise I really feel that the world does not have the slightest relationship with me.”

“Come on, I often have this thought, I also have a bad Time, I also live alone, I am also alone in a strange city, I also have no friends. You do not feel bad, not you alone like this.”

Many people lament that they are now “too tired to live”.

“Yu Rong⋯”: when qualified ordinary people, all have to use all their strength, do their best times. The world is like a pet dog, can not afford to keep, you are like an unattended Iceland.

“s-Geese…”: This era is so hard, it always feels like you can’t see hope in life.

“Every day…”: I don’t think it’s terrible to live an ordinary life, what’s sad is that I can’t see hope, and I’m almost out of the right to perceive happiness. But sometimes, I also want to live, occasionally see the blue sky beauty flowers, what an interesting drama a good song, that is I earned, although I am still most of the time so sad.