Manhattan D.A. Vance, who is pursuing Trump, suddenly announced…

Manhattan District Attorney Vance announces he will not be re-elected

Vance made the announcement just before the New Yorker published an interview with him on the 12th. “There’s nothing worse than a politician who doesn’t know when to leave.” He said in that interview.

Vance is currently investigating tax issues in former President Trump‘s Family business, which Trump has been calling a “witch hunt. Sources say Vance has met seven times with Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, and it’s unclear what kind of evidence Cohen has provided. Vance is expected to conclude the investigation before he leaves office.

In a statement, Vance wrote, “I will not seek re-election as district attorney, and while I know this is not a permanent job, it is not an easy decision to make. I love this office, the communities we serve and the work being done to lift up communities, balance the justice system and advance racial equality at a challenging, watershed moment for our city and state.”

Vance, 66, was first elected Manhattan District Attorney in 2009 and served until his third term in 2017. During his eight-year prosecutorial career, he has conducted many notorious investigations, including the sexual assault case of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and several big financial cases, in addition to the Trump case above.

Vance was allegedly sidelined this Time by two organizations with opposing positions: the Progressives and the Police Department.

According to the New York Post, Vance did things that made him “a bad person on the inside and the outside. On the one hand, the progressive groups think his leftist tactics are not hard enough; on the other hand, the police department complains that he is too soft on crime. In particular, during the street protests sparked by Floyd’s death last year, the NYPD arrested people whom Vance refused to prosecute. The police officers said, “We arrest people on one foot and you let them go on the other, whose side are you on?”

“Vance told the police department that he was going to do things differently.” A man from Vance’s office said. “He’s fighting the police department with one hand and the rookies with the other.”

Now, Vance doesn’t want to keep fighting the police department, so he doesn’t want to do the job.

The insider said Vance is not a cold-hearted politician like Cuomo, “he’s a man with heart.”