Background Check Act Passes Americans’ Right to Buy Guns Restricted Again!

The Gateway Pundit reports that Democrats blocked an amendment that would have required notifying ICE when illegal immigrants try to buy guns – and then voted to strip Americans of their gun rights.

The Democratic-led House passed a gun control bill that would expand background checks on Thursday by a vote of 227-203.

Eight Republican lawmakers voted with Democrats to pass the “Background Check Act,” which would prohibit the private transfer of guns without a background check.

The law would make it more difficult for law-abiding Americans to purchase guns to protect themselves and their families.

Last year, Americans purchased an estimated 21 million guns during the Democratic-led viral Communist blockade and the Democrat-driven “Black Lives Matter” riots.

These same Democrats blocked legislation that would have required contacting immigration authorities when illegal immigrants applied to buy guns.

In a word, this is an example of Democratic policy.