Where is Jack Ma? Flight records leak whereabouts: mainly to these two places

Jack Ma, the famous Chinese entrepreneur and founder of Alibaba, has seemingly evaporated since October last year, and there was a lot of speculation. Recently, foreign media exclusively reported that Jack Ma is actually in the country. According to his flight records, he mainly took a plane to two places – Beijing and Hainan.

On Oct. 24 last year, Ma gave a tit-for-tat speech at the Lujiazui Financial Forum in Shanghai, saying that “China’s finance is a lack of systemic risk” in contrast to Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan. This reportedly led to outrage at the highest levels of the Chinese Communist Party and subsequently led to a purge of Alibaba and Ant Group, which Ma controls, and Ma disappeared from public view.

During this period of his disappearance, there was much speculation about whether he had fled the country or was under house arrest. Some even fear that he has been put in jail. Others said that Ma was restricted from leaving the country.

During this period, Ma “appeared” once, but in the form of a video message. On January 20 this year, Ma attended the rural Teacher Award ceremony via video. Ma’s appearance sent Alibaba’s stock up about 8 percent that day, but there were still doubts about his appearance by video.

The Financial Times reviewed flight logs compiled by flight-tracking firm Radarbox and compared Ma’s private flight history with the three months before he “disappeared.

According to the data, Ma’s private flight record has dropped significantly since he disappeared from public Life. Before October last year, he took an average of one flight every three days, while in January and February this year, he flew on average once a week, mainly to Beijing and the resort center of Hainan Island.

The Financial Times reported that Ma was cooperating with Communist Party regulators, so he would fly to Beijing to talk about Ant Group, and a friend of Ma’s said that Ma still had access to the “top brass” of the Communist Party.

Flight records show that Ma flew to Beijing one day after he gave that speech in Shanghai last October and stayed for four days, and that he flew from Hangzhou to Beijing again on the evening of Nov. 1, in line with the legend that on Nov. 2, four major regulators – the Communist Party’s central bank, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Securities Regulatory Commission and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange – had an emergency interview with Ma. This is in line with the rumors that on Nov. 2, the four major regulators of the Communist Party of China (CPC) – the Central Bank, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Securities Regulatory Commission and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange – urgently interviewed Jack Ma.

On the evening of Nov. 3, the SSE and Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced that they were suspending Ant Group’s listing scheduled for Nov. 5. The outside world said that Ma directed a financial “feast” that was “overturned” by Xi Jinping moments before the opening ceremony. Ma’s plane was then parked in Beijing for two weeks.

During Christmas last year and at the end of January this year, Ma flew to Beijing twice, reportedly to discuss the Ant Group with relevant organizations.

Flight records also show that Ma went to Hainan, and Bloomberg also said in February, citing people familiar with the matter, that Ma appeared in recent weeks at the Sun Valley golf course in Sanya, Hainan Island, to play golf. The hole course is secluded and has a beautiful view.