Biden speech netizens: want to know what is called half dead? Look at the speech will know

The Gateway Pundit reports that Americans reacted to Biden‘s pre-prepared COVID (Chinese Communist Virus) speech last night with “he lied,” “half dead,” and “I don’t listen to idiots.”

Reports say that Biden gave a speech on COVID-19 (the Chinese Communist virus) last night, and the reaction to the short speech was, frankly, not very good.

The reviews of Joe Biden’s speech last night from around the country were not good. Thankfully, no one tuned in to see Biden.

The Gateway Pundit reports a collection of some representative comments from various websites.

“His poor health was evident once again tonight, and if anyone wants to know what it means to be half-dead, then you can see that from this speech. Biden stood behind the podium, often slumped over, squinting at the giant font of the teleprompter. He’s getting worse and worse…”

“It’s another lie-filled garbage speech from an old fool who thinks he’s in control of America, but really hasn’t done anything.”

“Early signs of dementia – One of the most common symptoms reported by GPs is communication and language problems. This can include difficulty following or joining conversations; it can also include stopping in the middle of a sentence and not knowing how to continue.”

“I don’t listen to idiots…”

“Notice the 408 likes and 3,500 dislikes in the video . .81,000,000 votes? Hahahaha – I don’t think so.”

“Don’t worry, those numbers will soon be flipped.”

“Millions of Americans refuse to accept the election of Biden the Pretender. He was imposed on us, not elected by us! He won’t last long, and his replacement will be worse!”

The Gateway Pundit says the comments go on and on, and all Biden has done is further prove that the 2020 election is stolen. The guy can’t talk, even with a teleprompter.

There is no way he can break the record for the most votes in American history. No way!