Hong Kong Women on Megan

Biden administration White House spokeswoman praised: Meghan true confession, very courageous.

As the Queen’s brief three-sentence statement, the surface seems to be very compassionate Meghan Family three in the royal family encountered the problem of racism, in the political level, such words are very political philosophy of dialectical connotation.

The spokesman said Meghan was courageous, which could be interpreted as praising the progressive spirit of Meghan who, despite her usual luxury and bags of designer brands running around, still suffered from racist bullying, dared to stomp the ground and cry, and dared to pound her chest and complain.

But let’s not forget that Biden himself is a racist. Biden said: the United States minorities, do not know how to access the Internet; in logic, as Hong Kong‘s Aunt Wong Ha Wai dare Nathan Road performance striptease, of course, also courageous; White House spokesman’s mezzanine meaning, can also be understood as: people like Megan, can actually take the royal family’s money with one hand, the other hand against the constitutional monarchy, so low-level two-faced people, but also have the courage to offer the world everywhere, is also commendable.

Women look at women, from the head Scan a glance to the feet, to the sixth sense of women, but the most clear judgment. In order to avoid the prejudice brought about by male rationality, I asked several Hong Kong women Hong Kong Mrs. friends, how to judge the Megan issue.

Several female friends – all with university degrees, one of them a female Diocesan graduate – had no interest in social class science or cultural history, and judged Megan intuitively only by her appearance and features. Sorry to quote) characterized as a senior sex worker who only wants to make money to get ahead.

I said: to say that she does this kind of industry, slightly overstated, in plain English, she is extremely a Attention whore. do not sexist, men who can write, Bo do KOL when full of aspirations, but also more such people.

I balance: people in the end will wear clothes, temperament still have a little bit of Beverly Hills Pretty Woman back in the year of the portrayal of Julia Roberts high price, the overall is not bad, right. You say so, meaning Harry – in the end genes are after the British royal family, although his biological dad is who is doubtful – is a status senior, low IQ john? Will it make Hong Kong’s pro-royal family lovers feel so Hurt?

The Hong Kong girl passed me a picture: Megan returned from a shopping trip, sitting in a dressing room, wearing a pair of sandals, revealing a pair of feet as long as two sampans, with ten toes of varying length.

I looked for half a day: What’s wrong? At most no toenail is just painted, I think the natural and simple, no problem.

The Hong Kong girl said: two toes longer than the male, not dead a Life of poverty, or secondly, this pair of feet in the bad as the phoenix claw ribs, the bones of the northwest, no meat them, is my grandmother used to live in a wooden house, the bed stretched out a side of the Type wearing rubber flowers, lack of noble ah.

I listened, spit out my tongue, dare not speak again. Women look at women, really look at the demon mirror.