Do not self-hypnotize

With China’s announcement that it will exercise “full powers of governance” over Hong Kong and that Hong Kong people will rule Hong Kong instead of “patriots ruling Hong Kong,” and that the definition of “patriotism” must be “love for the Party,” Hong Kong people should also stop believing that Xi Jinping is now really in charge of Hong Kong, as the Wall Street Journal said in response to Paul Chan’s comment. Under the situation of “Party”, Hong Kong people should also stop believing that Hong Kong is like before, as the Wall Street Journal said in response to Paul Chan, and that Xi Jinping is now the one who is really in charge of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is already equal to a mainland city, and based on Hong Kong people’s past performance, the Chinese Communist Party will have an enhanced sense of hostility towards Hong Kong, with harsher governance.

The prosecution and treatment of the 47 people in court cannot be measured by the judicial standards of Hong Kong in the past. What can be used as a reference is the treatment of the 12 Hong Kong people on the mainland, where they have not shown up, have been detained for months without trial, and have been denied access by their families and retained lawyers. Therefore, the fact that 47 people were able to go to court, hire their own lawyers, and make statements in court is generous treatment by Chinese standards. The treatment of the 12 people is relatively good compared to the treatment of some human rights defenders on the mainland after their arrest. Many people on the mainland have evaporated after their arrest, without being charged and without knowing where they are.

The National People’s Congress passed the Decision on Improving Hong Kong’s Electoral System, and Lam expressed his “firm support and heartfelt gratitude”. The people of Hong Kong should not use the rules of the Basic Law, especially the rule of law of the British Hong Kong era, to evaluate this decision and the words of “thanks” from Lam. During the era of the autocratic empire, officials who were dismissed or convicted had to thank The Emperor for his “great grace”. During the Mao era, those executed for counter-revolutionary crimes also shouted “Long live Chairman Mao” at their execution. If we take Chinese elections as the standard, I am afraid that this new “Hong Kong electoral system” is not “perfect” enough, and there is still room for more “perfection”.

For example, although the Election Committee has added a CPPCC and patriotic leaders sector, and given the Election Committee the power to nominate candidates for the Legislative Council, it is believed that the nomination will still be by quota rather than by equal quota as in the mainland.

Equal nomination means that the number of seats nominated is equal to the number of seats elected, while the number of seats nominated is more than the number of seats elected. The latter voters have the right to choose, the former does not have the right to choose, which one you elected last Time, you are not satisfied, this time still give you the same person, you can only choose between the yes, no or abstain, there will be no other candidates.

At the beginning of China’s reform and opening up, it used to implement differential elections at the grassroots level, such as in villages and towns. But in some places, the CCP put forward a party-affiliated candidate and an unknown runner, and the people voted for the runner; so the CCP declared the election invalid, and then put forward another person who no one knew at all, and the voters still voted for the runner. Finally, the Chinese Communist Party found that in order to control the election results, there must be no nominations.

What kind of loyal talents have the NPC deputies and CPPCC members produced under the system of assignment plus indirect election and equal nomination for decades? Mainland netizens say that every time the two sessions in Beijing, there will be some quotations or proposals that “strike at your weak heart”.

In his proposal, Chen Hongtian, a Hong Kong CPPCC member, pointed out that the term “RMB” is not conducive to speeding up the cross-border circulation and internationalization of China’s currency. He suggested changing the name of “RMB” to “Chinese Yuan”. Another of his quotes is: various means have not suppressed real estate prices, proving that there is no real estate bubble.

CPPCC member Mu Linru said: real estate is a market choice, as long as both parties agree, it is reasonable to sell a square meter for 1 million or 10 million.

CPPCC member Xu Jin said: the translator is powerful, and the status of English compulsory exam should be abolished.

NPC deputy Shen Jilan said: Internet access should also be approved by the government, we are a socialist country under the leadership of the Communist Party, which can say Internet access?

NPC deputy Wang Yi said: the people have to pay taxes to breathe fresh air, you can’t always think about breathing fresh air without paying the price!

NPC deputy Zhu Liyu said: the embezzlement of 100,000 sentenced to “more than ten years” to “more than one year”.

NPC deputy Lin Yong suggested: people should be banned from playing games in the middle of the night.

Don’t laugh at Hong Kong’s pro-establishment lawmakers for describing the British newspaper The Guardian as “a newspaper of the World health Organization”, but in the future, the talks and proposals of Hong Kong lawmakers will be on par with those of NPC deputies and CPPCC members.

Hong Kong is no longer what it used to be. Whether you accept it or not is a personal matter, but you must have this understanding and not hypnotize yourself.