Follow Netflix to buy funds

“After a year, the people are still there, the money is gone. “

21-year-old Xiaotong said his helplessness to the screen full of green.

Xiao Tong is in last year’s fund hot Time to enter, the most began to earn some money, but after the New Year holiday back, their own funds are falling every day, not only the profit is gone, the principal has also begun to lose money.

The continued decline of the market after the Spring Festival has thrown a pot of cold water on the fund fever. Blindly follow the investment of young people suffered the first wave of blow, the fund topic under a wailing – “give Laozi money, I do not play “”Originally thought to be extra income, did not expect to become the largest daily expenditure.”

Wind data shows that more than 2,000 funds across the market, in the period from February 18 to February 26, the net value fell by more than 10%, more than 500 funds over the same period, the net value fell by more than 15%, some even fell by more than 20%.

The “wild fund gods” who are active in various communities and lack qualifications are also showing their true colors in the continuing decline. The title of the video of the UP master “Egg yolk brother – 10 million fund real investment”, which is a demonstration of fund practice, has changed from “Earnings explosion, the champion fund rose 183% in a year” at the beginning of the year to Now the title of the video is “25 years old worst UP master”, “blood loss 1.17 million” and so on.

Many fund whites also found that the UP master they followed did not understand the logic of the fund’s rise and fall, but only the first two years with good luck, followed the market to earn money.


Young people who entered blindly

The fund in 2020 frequently on the hot search, become a national topic, the young people’s entry credit. According to the “China Family Finance Trend Report” released by Alipay, more than half of the new fund users in 2020 will be post-90s.

Compared to stocks, funds have relatively low thresholds, no account opening, fund managers, no initial entry amount restrictions, which allows many young people to contribute their own small treasury, hoping that they can “manage money early, early fortune The reality is that most young people do not have the ability to make money.

The reality is that most young people lack financial knowledge, at this time, the fund tutorials on various platforms have become the main channel for them to understand financial knowledge.

In the B station, small red book and other platforms to search for “fund”, hot ranking top video “Beginner”, “White The keywords “newbie”, “beginner”, etc. appear frequently.

As a blank sheet of paper, it is easy for fund whites to believe in bloggers unconditionally, so much so that they put their money in with a hot head. Some of these people shuttle their year-end money, some put in their living expenses, and some borrow money to buy funds.

On the other hand, in most cases, some of the fund bloggers themselves are also novices and claim to be experts without qualifications and experience.

The UP master “Erdog” is a college student who just graduated and updated his video last year as an internship VLOG, but this year he is already a “fund connoisseur” operating hundreds of thousands of streams. The first video he made about the fund was a video about the fund.

His first video about the fund is “college students earn 20W in finance, predicting that this is just the beginning”, the video does not have much dry content, not even any fund hands-on interface, data analysis, just by oral narration is enough to make the eager to start “white people The video is not very informative, not even any fund interface, data analysis, just the oral narrative is enough to make the eager to start “white people” moved, mistakenly believe that they can also become a few hundred thousand annual income big brother.

The actual investment of 10 million funds, “a year’s income of 200 The 95 post fund UP owners on B site glibly talk about their own flowing water, in their case, tens of millions of losses and profits as if they were just a number.

In fact, these large investments do not bring viable investment advice to small retail investors, and many white people feel they understand after looking around and only figuring out a few technical terms.

“College students should also play with money management, or feel a bit of a nest egg. “Dasan researched 20 days later and invested more than 5,000 yuan of his own savings. And his so-called research, is occasionally in the B site to flip through the video, see the interest in the point to understand.

The UP owner Xiao Wei huhu bought the fund for a long time before he knew that there was an opening and closing time to buy the fund, “I used to buy it when I wanted, but then I realized that I had to buy it before 3:00 to get the estimated price for the day “. And this time, she has been following those so-called fund bloggers “learning” for quite a long time.

Moreover, it is easy for fund whites to blindly add investments in the rising market.

Xiao Tong, who is just 21 years old, bought a fund last year on the advice of her roommate. When asked how to choose a fund, she said completely by intuition, “see which looks good choose which, I do not study this. “

At first she just took a few hundred to test the water, in the market good times, the fund kept rising, Xiaotong also kept adding code, and now has increased to 2000 yuan. And after the New Year, the fund has been losing money, “had earned 400 yuan, now all lost, but also backed up. “Xiaotong said.

After continuous losses, Xiaotong opened the software every day with anticipation and worry to take a look at the fund’s situation. But no matter how it fell, Xiaotong is determined not to quit, “not to return, I do not believe it does not rise. “This self-confidence is not a grasp of the fund trend, more of a gamble,” I have lost certainly can not return ah, always have to fish something it. “Xiao Tong said.

Fengjing Capital fund manager Wu Yuefeng summarized the behavior of young people who blindly follow the investment as “regret psychology”. In the face of unknown panic, white people tend to give the right to choose and take the blame to the big V and UP owners, so that when they lose money, they can imply that it is the fault of others, and when they see that they follow the UP owners lose more money, they feel much more comfortable.

This is also the reason why UP owners who lose hundreds of thousands of dollars at every turn still have many fans to follow.


Fund gods” occupy the short video platform

With the fund market booming in 2020, the number of fund bloggers on various platforms suddenly increased, “nanny-level fund tutorials” The videos such as “teaching you to buy funds by hand” are very popular.

In addition to the new UP hosts, many beauty, VLOG and fashion bloggers have also become “fund connoisseurs”, teaching people how to manage their money.

Jinnie Jinnie is a blogger with nearly 550,000 followers on Little Red Book. In her past videos, “Jinnie wears” and “Jinnie talks about America” are the main videos. Jinnie talks about America” is the main content.

In September last year, she added “Jinnie talks about investment” and other investment and financial videos to her Little Red Book page, among which “Handy to teach you to buy your first fund” received 7.8 million likes and was pushed to the top. The video “Teach you how to buy your first fund” received 78,000 likes and was pushed to the front page.

Now she still shares dressing and beauty, but the proportion of fund management content has increased significantly, and among her 276 notes, several videos with high popularity are related to fund stock investment. In the profile column, she describes herself as a finance major.

The real leeks are still pointed to the private domain, as you can see on the B site, many fund UP owners have their own public number or fan group number written on their profiles.

The public numbers of these UP owners are found to be mostly fee-based, ranging from a few dozen to a few thousand.

Leopard Change once joined a fee-based group that promised to share fund algorithms. There are more than 1300 people in the group, the atmosphere is very active, but the leopard change observed a few days, did not find the group owner to share valuable information, and as for the so-called algorithm of the group owner, many group members said “look at it, it is not useful. “

The controversy about fund bloggers cha rice is getting bigger and bigger, the common way cha rice in addition to adding group fees, the bigger head is and fund companies to cooperate with distribution funds, fund followers, knowledge payment, etc..

Fund distribution is a way for brokerage firms and bloggers to cooperate in marketing securities. According to the Securities Times, some brokerage firms will find fund bloggers to cooperate in distributing funds, bloggers from the share. If you sell a new fund with no discount on subscription fees, you can get a share of 350,000 for the first year of sales of 50 million.

The public number of the second dog provides a number of services, including 499 yuan to join the group, fund followers, fund knowledge paid courses, etc..

The fund follow investment is done on a public number of “head finance”, where the retail investor only needs to decide how much to invest, and the rest of the position adjustment is done by the blogger.

In other words, just one year after graduation, two dog senior has begun to take on the work of a professional manager, someone in the comments section asked: “will lose? ” The response was: “Yes, high risk. “

Among his paid fund courses, the $199 “Fund Classes You Can Learn From” has been opened by 768 people, and the $499 Knowledge Planet community has nearly 400 people, not counting the share of fund distribution, the revenue has been 350,000.

In the comment section of Erdog’s videos, you will occasionally see netizens questioning him, and there are also netizens spitting out comments that have been deleted.

Even bloggers with investment experience can’t guarantee objectivity. The “hardcore young” has 260,000 fans on B site and claims to have 10 years of investment experience. In his public number, he recommends not only funds, but also stocks, and guides fans to open accounts. However, he stressed at the end of the article, “This is not a cha rice article, but a big gift from Qiang Shao repeatedly and the capitalists game. “

We can’t be sure whether it is cha rice, but recommending inexperienced novices to enter the stock market is like sending a sheep into a tiger’s mouth.

Wu Yue Feng in the B station video said a sentence worth thinking about: “UP owners and retail investors, the interests of both sides are not the same. “In his opinion, in this inconsistent interests, UP owners may choose more and more aggressive style, more and more concentrated positions in pursuit of short-lived revenue stimulation, pulling the user effect full, and ultimately being cut leeks or retail investors.

Preachers should have a certain threshold when it comes to high-risk business. However, fund bloggers rarely mention the risk when they show their returns, and can escape their responsibilities with a glib “does not constitute any investment advice”.


Platform regulation should not just scratch the itch

Knowledge content is the direction in which all major platforms are making efforts in 2020. b station officially launched the knowledge zone in June last year; short video platforms such as jitterbug and quick hand also launched several rounds of subsidies and traffic incentives for pan-knowledge video creation last year.

In 2020, among the top 100 UP owners of B website, the number of UP owners in the Knowledge Zone reached 10. Hard-core knowledge UP masters such as “Wizard Finance” have become the target of competition from various platforms.

And according to the data released by B station, compared to 2019, B station investment and finance video playback increased by 464% year-on-year.

For the platform, although the increase of investment and finance knowledge content is good, it also brings a new problem, that is, how the platform should assume the responsibility of supervision.

On January 26, “Little Yu, who likes to play funds”, a UP owner with nearly 700,000 fans on B website, posted a message saying that he did not hold a CFA qualification certificate. The video of his previous fund manipulation was also deleted one after another.

In the latest video in March, Brother Xiao Yu explained that he took the initiative to delete the video because the past videos had too many subjective opinions, which were misleading to white people, and he would try his best to get the certificate next.

Although holding a CFA certificate is not necessarily professional and credible, but as Wu Yuefeng said, “there is a certain opportunity cost of the license (CFA) and the process behind the certification, which makes the licensee to do the fund recommendation relatively consider the moral hazard “.

On March 2, Leopard Change consulted with B-site customer service on whether it is necessary to qualify to be a fund UP owner, and the answer was, “There is no threshold for entry, and the reviewers will make a determination on the overall presentation of the manuscript. “

In fact, no threshold is also the status quo of most platforms. Most platforms still do not differentiate financial knowledge sharing from other content in terms of entry thresholds and auditing.

Regarding creator content publishing, Zhihu responded, “Content can be published as long as it complies with the community management regulations, and there are no other clear restrictions. To become a paid consultant, you need to have a salt value of 500 to be eligible to open.

In terms of risk warning, some platforms have made some changes, after searching for funds on B and Xiaohongshu, “investment is risky, finance needs to be cautious” will be displayed on the top. After searching for funds on B website and Xiaohongshu, the text “Investment is risky, financial management should be cautious” will be displayed at the top.

However, there is no similar alert on the relevant video homepage. Moreover, this reminder is different from the following “Stop relying on your dead pay”. The headline “10 years from now, rely on funds to make a comeback” is not very convincing.

Weibo’s fund super talk is the number one financial super talk, with 240,000 users and 1.75 billion reads, where users call themselves “leeks” and share and discuss with each other about financial management. They share and discuss finance-related content with each other.

The moderator of the super talk is Weibo Fund, and the management rules at the top of the super talk show that “accounts in the fund super talk that involve illegal marketing information directed to qq groups, WeChat groups, public numbers and other off-site platforms are permanently blocked. The fund will be blocked permanently for those accounts that are involved in illegal marketing information that leads to off-site platforms such as QQ groups, WeChat groups, and public numbers.

Super talk delete post shield relies on manual, which there is a certain delay, so there will still add groups, members and other information appear in super talk, and bring their own water army top post.

It can be seen that although the platform has taken action, but compared to the frenzied market, this level of control seems to be somewhat isolated.

2021 head-on splash of a pot of cold water, for young people just starting to contact financial management, may not be a bad thing, after all, some earlier feel the risk of investment, in order to avoid the pit a little earlier.

The only thing is that this tuition should give young people a wake-up call to enjoy the “after-sleep income”, but also to accept The “fallen mother does not recognize”. No matter what kind of financial management method you choose, it is fundamental to stay rational and enhance your risk awareness.