Lu Yuyu: I finally “left Guangzhou with dignity”

“Up until this point, I had flukily hoped that they would leave when they got tired of shouting like they did last Time, and then I would once again flee to the next city in the night, dragging my suitcase.

You are not welcome in Guangzhou! –Guangzhou State Security said to me. Nothing makes sense, and in a sense, it’s true.

I had been to Guangzhou twice before 2021, and both times I was forcibly evicted by the local state security, so I didn’t have a good impression of Guangzhou, except for the good Food in the teahouse and some friends.

What prompted my third visit to Guangzhou was the harassment by the Guizhou police. At the end of December last year, when the lease expired, I carefully looked for another place, because on the one hand, the landlord had been pressured to make it clear that the lease would not be renewed, and on the other hand, I wanted to avoid their harassment, as I did not want to be afraid of every knock on the door next door. They promised not to come to my door again, but I’m afraid they don’t even believe me. I only ate breakfast with paper money and went shopping at a supermarket far away, hoping they wouldn’t find me. It didn’t help that surveillance was everywhere, and it was only a week between the time the police called and asked to meet me at my rental house, which I refused, and the time they came knocking on my door.

Of course I knew they couldn’t do anything by coming in, but my instinctive fear and disgust at their kind of fearlessness made me not respond and just hide behind the door, waiting for them to leave. Fortunately, they knocked for a while and then left, after which I quickly packed up what I could take away and went again to the city that had expelled me twice – Guangzhou.

When I arrived in Guangzhou, I did not immediately go to rent an apartment, but just tried to stay in a few places separately. After finding out that nothing was going on, I ran to a suburban island and rented an apartment room for a month, maybe even a month was too extravagant because it was almost New Year’s Eve and it was time for them to evict people again. Occasionally there are surprises, like this one, when no one came to evict me until New Year’s Eve, perhaps because they were responding to the call to spend New Year’s Eve in the same place.

The landlord’s request to register my ID again scared me for two days, so what else?

Other than that, everything was great, sunshine, beautiful scenery, jerking off to cats wandering around, going hiking with friends, riding shared bikes along the river, in the alleys and in the fields. When the old lady at the kiosk said thank you after selling something, when the aunt at the Sanwa Soup store said to me that I must add some pepper to make it taste good ……

After the New Year, I fell in love with an old house in the village, although very dirty and dilapidated, but there is a large open balcony, a transformation is an ideal residence. I was a little hesitant, fearing that I would not be able to live long enough to be evicted again. After struggling for a few days, I finally rented it, painted the walls, doors and windows, washed the floors, bought second-hand furniture, worked for a whole week, and asked the landlord of my old Home to help send the guitar over. Everything seemed to be going well …… until noon on the 9th of March.

At noon that day, I was on the balcony when I saw the landlord and two strangers walking over and thought they were just here to rent a room. Then the landlord’s phone call alerted me and she said, “Are you in, open the door if you are, I’ll come up and get the bedpan. “

I said I wasn’t in and hung up the phone.

When they left, I decided to go downstairs and check it out.

I live in a small two-story bungalow, I live on the entire second floor, the stairs from the first floor to the second floor are closed, the entrance to the stairs is on the first floor, there are doors that can be locked inside and outside.

The door could not be opened, I ran back to the second floor balcony to look down, the door was snapped shut. I was confused, basically sure that the people with the landlord is the national security, but why they do not directly reveal their identity, but to ask the landlord to pretend to come up to get the bed board?

I wanted to jump and escape, but the bag was too heavy and I had a slight fear of heights, so I gave up. After a while, the older brother from the back of the rental house came back, and I rushed to ask him for help. It was too late, the national security has bought their own lock to lock the door.

I had to go back inside, tweeted for help, and lay on the bed waiting in despair.

It didn’t take long for things to pick up outside, and they came back with more people. Knocking and shouting mingled together, and a neighbor reported, “People are inside the house. Not long after, the building behind that shouted from the upper floors: “Lu Yuyu, we are the police of the Huangpu Public Security Bureau …… “This passage is so familiar.

It usually appears at the scene of a hostage taking, before the police finally shot the kidnapper in the head and killed the crowd of onlookers applauded. Or maybe it’s at the scene of some big drug deal, before the armed police are ready to throw smoke bombs to break in the door.

I got even more scared and didn’t even hear what was said afterwards. It was chaotic – all kinds of sounds outside, all kinds of apprehension in my head’s.

Up until this point, I was hoping by a fluke that they would leave when they got tired of shouting like they did last time, and then I would once again flee to the next city in the night, dragging my suitcase with me.

But they were tough and wouldn’t give up easily, and they climbed up – I don’t know if they borrowed the stairs or went unarmed. Anyway, climbed one up. Then the one who climbed up went down to the first floor and opened the door, put more up, and while I was still hesitating to open the door and go out, the door opened, and they had the key!

Many people, standing at the door there are three, a police officer with a gun, two plainclothes, or national security, with a gun in the middle of the police, two plainclothes on either side, I am face blind, only remember a taller, a shorter.

I had no way to retreat.

I asked them loudly: Who are you? What are you doing in a private place without permission?

No one answered.

I continued to ask: Where are your papers? Please show me your papers!

The taller national security guard said: “Why do I need to show my papers?

How do I know who you are if you don’t show me your papers?

He was in uniform, he was a police officer, he didn’t need to show his papers. The taller national security officer pointed to the policeman with the gun and said.

Suddenly, I didn’t know what to say, it was embarrassing.

The policeman with the gun showed his papers.

Okay, what are you guys going to do? If I have violated any of your laws, please show me the paperwork to arrest me.

No one answered my question. The tall guy said he wanted to talk to me.

I thought about it, so I said to them: Then come inside and talk.

The short one came in at once. The tall one didn’t want to come in at first, but when he saw the short one enter, he followed him, then two in police uniforms came in, and one in civilian clothes came in and out, looking annoyed. There are still some people outside, a total of about 8 people, but then a crowd of people said that the scene is very big, came to several cars, more than a dozen people.

The other side spoke mainly on a tall and a short two state security, the whole conversation process is very chaotic, in the middle there are people who came in quietly took away my scissors, kitchen knife, there was a period of time I was talking to the big sister, I roughly organized as follows.

Their demand is: I must immediately take all my things to leave Guangzhou, take not and they have nothing to do with, after never can come to Guangzhou, as for what way I can choose for myself, can be decent to leave, or can not be decent to leave. There is also the question of whether I want to see the people from my hometown, this can be chosen.

I asked them why they wanted me to leave Guangzhou, what legal provisions or written documents are not available.

They could not say a so, just keep repeating that Guangzhou does not welcome you.

I asked if you are not welcome to me or Guangzhou is not welcome to me, if you are not welcome to me personally, why do you want me to leave Guangzhou, if Guangzhou is not welcome to me, can you give me a written proof?

They couldn’t answer and said again that the landlord didn’t want to rent to me.

I have an agreement with the landlord, what business is it of yours?

This was a pointless argument for a long time, and at one point the conversation veered off to why I didn’t open the door, and I asked them back why they broke in.

I said I didn’t open the door because I didn’t know who they were and I was afraid. One of them said the police have nothing to fear. I said I was afraid of the police, and that I had suffered many losses with them.

I asked them why they wanted to break into a private place, what are the procedures, the tall national security said you are a rental house, we can just enter, and do not need to show formalities.

The one who had been in and out and looked annoyed came in and interjected, “Because you are a danger to the country.

Where am I endangering the country? Do you have any evidence?

You know it yourself!

I don’t know! Please tell me.

He turned around and went out again, like a gyroscope.

After they took a phone call, the tone eased up and the address to me changed to Mr. Lu. I also realized that it was too tiring to go on like this, so I proposed that all the others go downstairs and leave only one person to talk to me, but they insisted on keeping two people, and I thought about it and agreed.

After that, I made a deal with them, actually I was forced to make a deal, because I wanted to leave with “dignity”.

“I have to leave, but the house does not have to be surrendered immediately, and the things inside are kept here to be dealt with later; they pay for the tickets, and I choose where I want to go, so I do not have to meet with the people from my hometown. “

As I was packing up my things, I saw the guitar that had just been sent over for a few days and again could not be taken away.

On the way out of the alley, another tall woman came out, like a small leader.

I got into their car and, as they say, “left Guangzhou with dignity”, and halfway through one of the state guards said I should think about my Life and whether it made sense to do so, I didn’t bother to argue. Another said I was being evicted because I had some online appeal, and if I deleted my tweets no one would harass me, and they noticed me when I lived in the XX apartment.

The people back home kept calling me and asking for a face-to-face meeting at Guangzhou South Station, which I refused.

Too tired, I just wanted to be alone.

Goodbye, Guangzhou!