Hatred and intimidation will not help China’s reunification

In her book “The Age of Disappearing Freedom of Difference”, the contemporary German critic Caroline Encke says that “the greatest key to an open society is to allow, continuously, religious, linguistic, gender and cultural diversity, the only way to allow dissent to blossom into freedom”, and conversely, uniformity, homogeneity and consistency are the killers, and in order to achieve these three conditions, the powerful have to resort to violence, which ends up fueling hatred.

Unity and independence come from a will, not a mission

Historically, the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, the liquidation of dissidents after the Soviet Communist Party came to power, and even the many political campaigns after the Chinese Communist Party seized power, were all in pursuit of homogeneity.

The majority of Taiwan‘s population refused to be annexed by the Chinese Communist Party, not just the degree of civilizational differences. Taiwan’s 40-year democratization campaign has obviously built Taiwan towards an open society, but China’s 40-year reform and opening up has been almost completely dominated by the Communist Party, which is essentially no different from a planned economy, and the so-called freedom is just a model slave freedom, with state enterprises still on top and the private sector just subordinate, and the Party’s policies On the contrary, the blockade, autism, unit and exclusivity of the society are still strong, and the collision of these two different values has become more intense since China and Taiwan started to communicate with each other for 30 years.

The same conflict between the Chinese Communist Party and Taiwanese society emerged in Xinjiang, where the economic development after the reform and opening up encouraged the autonomous character of the Uyghurs, and the Muslim and Han cultures clashed fiercely, resulting in today’s cultural genocide and racial exclusion. In Hong Kong, the attempt to lead half of the democratization to full democracy with full Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong resulted in stimulating the fragile national unity nerve of the Chinese Communist Party, and the violent suppression of the Chinese Communist Party resulted in the loss of Hong Kong people Under the violent suppression of the Chinese Communist Party, the democracy of Hong Kong people was eventually lost overnight.

Beijing spreads anti-Taiwan rhetoric

The Chinese Communist Party, in order to annex Taiwan and eliminate dissent, has put nationalism on an infinitely higher pedestal, keeping a large number of so-called “Boxer Gang Pink Guards” who hate Taiwan, and spreading hate speech against Taiwan through the Internet. In addition, Taiwan’s local helpers have also become second-hand propagators, using both real and fake messages to conduct brainwashing and cognitive warfare against Taiwan.

The two sessions of the Communist Party of China, Wang Yi’s War Wolf face, inverted black for white, and the so-called Taiwan delegates are still shamelessly saying that the Communist Party of China only gave Taiwan favors in the pineapple incident, and the so-called Taiwan deputies to the National People’s Congress, unaware of Taiwan’s social sentiment, language bullying of Taiwan, and enmity will be returned, which is breathtaking.

Today from Guangdong Xuwen to Hainan Island planted out of the Tainong 16, 17 pineapple, almost all by the Tainong single-handed cultivation, technology free to Chinese farmers, to put it bluntly, not to mention the technology of planting pineapple, if there is no Tainong hard guidance, the Chinese people will not even eat pineapple. A Taiwan pineapple farmer told me that he was once invited to Chengdu to guide Chinese people how to cut pineapple and eat pineapple, which was only two years ago. Now, the Chinese Communist Party suddenly interrupted the import of Taiwan pineapple, and then encouraged the market of Xuwen pineapple, which is against the spirit of free trade of WTO. In fact, in the trade of agricultural products between China and Taiwan, the amount of Chinese agricultural products imported into Taiwan is much larger than the amount of Taiwan imports into China, if we really want to do “you ban, I also ban”, then the one who is hurt more is China. The correct approach to agricultural products is that China should let products from different sources hit the shelves on an equal footing, so that consumers can choose freely, rather than what the Taiwan representative said, “China also has pineapples, and giving Taiwan pineapple imports is a favor to Taiwan”. Hateful speech, still do not know to drink water to think of the source, no wonder China’s attempt to annex Taiwan, has been unable to complete.

The Chinese Communist Party is trying to put different communities together and invent the so-called “one country, two systems” model of annexation, but it is condoning Taiwan-hating rhetoric from online armies and pinkos, and even high-ranking Party officials, which adds up to the negative.

When the ‘haters’ start to reflect on the fact that hate can be a ‘toxic political emotion’ and put a stop to it, we will find a human connection and create a good society for people,” said Carolyn Kern. I’m afraid Wang Yi doesn’t understand this statement either.

Only when the Chinese Communist Party accepts and respects Taiwan as an independent country will the two countries begin to unify or merge. The initiative of how to create China-Taiwan relations after the Epidemic is still in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.