Vaccinated twice, travel still unsafe; Fauci replies: No science, only judgment

The Gateway Pundit reported Wednesday that the current government narrative is that Americans who have received a second dose of the vaccine are still unsafe to travel, adding that the government’s decisions are consistently based on science.

CNN host John Berman asked Dr. Fauci about the issue, “What is the science behind the idea that people who have been vaccinated, and who have had a second dose, are also unsafe to travel?”

Fauci said, “When you don’t have the data, you don’t have the actual evidence, you have to make a judgment. “

Oh! It turns out that there is no scientific data or reasoning behind the government’s words, and the people just have to trust Fauci’s “judgment.

There’s video evidence, look!

The Gateway Pundit asks, “Fauci has been changing standards left and right on the issue of masks and herd immunity. Why are people still listening to this overpaid quack?

In December, Fauci appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” to justify deliberately changing the standards and lying about herd immunity to the Chinese Communist virus. In a previous New York Times interview, Dr. Fauci admitted that he had changed his predictions about the CCP’s herd immunity based on polling.

Going back further, Fauci said that to stop the CCP virus virus, it would take 60 to 70 percent of the population to have antibodies to reach herd immunity. After changing the standard, it is now said that herd immunity can be achieved only after 90% of the people have antibodies.