Pompeo Reviews Biden Administration’s Policies on Communist China, Foreign Affairs and Immigration

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks at a CPAC meeting on Feb. 27, 2021.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday (March 10) that the Biden administration is abandoning all the good work of the previous administration and its hard-line foreign policy. He condemned Biden for not responding adequately to the Chinese Communist Party and for trying to appease Iran.

In an interview with Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday, Pompeo talked about the Biden Administration‘s border policy, foreign policy and the threat of the Chinese Communist Party.

Pompeo: Biden’s immigration policy triggers border crisis and U.S. crisis

In the interview, Pompeo condemned President Biden for repealing the successful immigration policies of the Trump era, thus triggering an illegal immigration crisis at the southern border.

“This administration has abandoned all the good work that we’ve done.” Pompeo told Bartiromo.

The Biden administration has taken some notable actions to undo the Trump-era crackdown on illegal immigration, including revoking the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), which kept illegal immigrants in Mexico. deported quickly or returned to Mexico pending asylum applications.

Pompeo said he was involved in negotiating the MPP. After Biden rescinded the MPP, he reinstated the “catch and release” policy, which placed illegal immigrants inside the United States where they awaited notice of an immigration court hearing. But the process often takes years.

Despite a week of freezing weather in February, the Border Patrol apprehended more than 100,000 (101,535) illegal border crossers at the southern border, according to former Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Captain Jaeson Jones. Another 26,000 evaded apprehension.

The number of unaccompanied illegal children at the border has tripled in the past two weeks to more than 3,250, forcing the Biden administration to use adult detention centers to house them.

Pompeo said former President Trump’s border policy stopped illegal immigration. He also said the Biden policy paid lip service to not letting illegal immigrants come while actually encouraging them to come.

“When I hear the Biden administration say, ‘We’re telling people not to come,’ but the truth is they’re telling people to come (to the U.S.). They’re creating the incentive for these kids to travel.” Pompeo said.

He also stressed that unaccompanied children are vulnerable to trafficking by criminal gangs and are actually at risk. Pompeo said the Biden policy has created a crisis not only for the U.S. border but also for these children.

The Biden administration, for its part, insists that they are implementing a humane policy to deal with illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. and denies that there is a crisis at the southern border.

Pompeo and many Republicans, on the other hand, said the U.S. border is in crisis and urged Biden to hurry up and change his policy.

Pompeo said, “This is a real crisis that’s happening at our southern border. This is a crisis of sovereignty, a crisis of American sovereignty, a crisis of making sure we know who’s coming in and out of the United States, a crisis of keeping us safe.”

Pompeo: Biden administration is abandoning previous administration’s hard-line foreign policy

Pompeo tweeted Wednesday, “The Biden administration is throwing away four years of (the Trump Administration‘s) tough foreign policy at the expense of America’s safety and security. In the past two weeks, there have been three times as many unaccompanied minors at the border. It’s simple: we should know who’s coming in and out of our country.”

In an interview with Fox Business Network on Wednesday, Pompeo also said he was concerned about the Biden administration’s foreign policy moves, as it has taken actions to appease Iran and other “inadequate” responses.

“I’m not so much concerned about the process, but I’m concerned about the results, and you’ve seen them (the Biden administration) take actions to appease Iran; we’ve seen them take inadequate actions in response to the massive hack of the Microsoft exchange server from China.” Pompeo said, “These create incentives for other countries to challenge us and attack us. A strong America, without appeasement, is the only way to safeguard American freedom.”

Biden is scheduled to hold a videoconference this week with the heads of state of the Quad (also known as the Quadripartite Security Dialogue) to discuss the actions of the Chinese Communist Party. The “Quad” refers to the United States, Australia, Japan and India.

Pompeo said he was pleased, but also expressed his concern.

“For these leaders to meet together is a big step forward, but what’s more important than them coming together is what they’re actually going to do and what actions they’re going to take (in response to the Chinese Communist threat).” Pompeo said.

He stressed that the Trump administration has been tough on China (the Chinese Communist Party). “We (the Trump administration) are bold, we’re fearless,” Pompeo said, “and we’re the first administration to confront the Chinese Communist threat, to confront the actions they’re taking against the people of Hong Kong.”

He said he hoped the leaders of the Quartet would issue a joint statement and take action to make clear to the Chinese Communist Party that its treatment of the Uighur minority and other actions were “intolerable” and that “if the Chinese Communist Party continues to do this, we will make them feel free to do so. If the CCP continues to do this, we will make them pay the real price.”

Referring to the origins of the Communist virus, Pompeo urged the Biden administration to “do the right thing.

“The (Epidemic) cover-up that occurred was massive, deliberate, and deliberate to harm the globe.” Pompeo was referring to the Chinese Communist Party’s cover-up of the outbreak.

“I hope this administration will do the right thing. First of all, you have to criticize it (the cover-up of the epidemic). You have to acknowledge that this (virus) almost certainly started in Wuhan and that it was probably an accidental leak from the (Wuhan) Institute of Virus Research.”