Zhao Benshan was rumored to be involved in the Bo Xilai coup “Benshan Media” was liquidated again

Zhao Benshan attends a meeting of the Chinese Communist Party‘s National People’s Congress on March 3, 2015.

Benshan Media, a subsidiary of mainland actor Zhao Benshan, was recently liquidated. Zhao Benshan was once rumored to be under investigation by the authorities after his arrest for having close ties with Bo Xilai. Overseas media have disclosed that Bo Xilai wished that if the coup succeeded, he would let Zhao Benshan become the minister of Culture.

According to the mainland Red Star News, on March 10, the Tianwei search App shows that Zhao Benshan’s Benshan Media (Hainan) Co.

Benshan Media (Hainan) was established in February 2010, with a registered capital of RMB 10 million, the company’s legal representative is Zhao Hengyu, and Zhao Benshan holds 40% of the shares.

According to public media reports, Zhao Benshan claimed at the Time that he would spend 1.3 billion to build a Boao Film and Television base in Hainan and to build the Liu Laogan Stage. However, the company’s relevant person in charge revealed that “film and television base and Liu Laogan stage, the pressure did not repair up.”

In addition, Benshan Media (Hainan) in 2020 also due to serious violations of the law, was included in the list of enterprises out of credit. The reason is that the company has not been publicizing its annual report from 2017 to 2020 in accordance with the prescribed deadline. The aforementioned person in charge said that it is not convenient to disclose the details.

In addition to the Sanya Liu Laogen Stage, which has not been opened, the Liu Laogen Stage in Shenzhen has also been exposed to the closure of the store.

As early as November 8, 2020, there are industry netizens broke the news that the Shenzhen Liu Laogen Stage will be closed. “On the one hand, since the beginning of the year by the impact of the Epidemic, Liu Laogen Stage has been unable to make ends meet, difficult to maintain; on the other hand, it is because the two-man performance form seems to have hit a bottleneck, no longer favored by the Shenzhen audience.”

Zhao Benshan is a “northeastern duo”, whose vulgar performances were seen by then Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin in his early years. Afterwards, Zhao was designated by Jiang’s inner circle as the “king of skits” and was a must-see at the Spring Festival every year.

Zhao had close ties with Jiang’s top officials, including Bo Xilai, whom he knew well from his early days in Liaoning.

In November 2007, the Liaoning “Antli God” illegal fund raising case came to light, involving 1.13 million farmers and tens of billions of dollars in fraud. Zhao Benshan was the spokesman of “Antli God” and earned 200 million dollars from “Antli God”, but under the protection of Bo Xilai, Zhao was safe and sound.

In March 2012, after the fall of Bo Xilai, overseas media revealed that Zhao Benshan had a complicated interest exchange relationship with Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun. Zhao Benshan was allegedly involved in the Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang coup. The foreign media had disclosed that Bo Xilai had wished that Zhao Benshan would become the Minister of Culture after the “coup” was successful.

The article “Zhao Benshan is Bo’s publicist” was widely circulated in Baidu and Tianya community. According to the article, King Pingxi (Bo Xilai) was said to have fled from Beijing to Chongqing on Zhao Benshan’s private jet, causing great resistance to Xi Jinping‘s rise to power.

The article also features a photo of Zhao Benshan, Wang Lijun, Lei Zhengfu and Sima Nan, mocking the Chinese Communist Party’s celebrities, corrupt officials and lecherous officials, who like to collude with each other and work in collusion.

In 2012, Zhao Benshan, who had been a member of the Spring Festival Gala for more than 20 years, was kicked out. According to Phoenix, Zhao had to quit the Spring Festival Gala because he could not stand the “cultural reform” censorship advocated by then General Secretary Hu Jintao.

At a meeting of the Politburo on July 23, 2010, Hu Jintao proposed an “important work plan” on cultural construction and cultural system reform. Official Chinese media reported that Hu Jintao was disgusted by the increasing vulgarization of Chinese culture and performing arts in recent years.

Zhao Benshan has been criticized by many people for being vulgar, pornographic and disgusting, as his sketches have vilified peasants, the disabled and the underprivileged to gain attention. In addition, Zhao also worked for Jiang Zemin’s persecution of Falun Gong, and his skits “Selling Abduction” in the 2001 Spring Festival Gala, “Selling a Car” in 2002, and “Selling a Stretcher” in 2005 all insinuate slander against Falun Gong.

According to overseas media, Hu Jintao did not like Zhao Benshan’s performances and resented the fact that these vulgar performances were repeatedly presented in the “grand hall of fame.