Shaanxi primary school students were beaten by teachers “volume book” eye nearly blind

An 8-year-old primary school student in Fufeng County, Baoji, Shaanxi Province, was beaten by a teacher with a “scroll book” when he was less than one unit in doing arithmetic problems, and was seriously injured and nearly blinded. (Video screenshot)

Recently, Ms. Yang, a parent of an elementary school student in Fufeng County, Baoji, Shaanxi Province, said her 8-year-old daughter was beaten by her math teacher with a “scroll” for writing one unit less when doing math problems, causing serious injuries to the child’s eyes and face and nearly losing her eyesight.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. She asked about the child’s injury, but the teacher was stumped and did not understand the situation.

Ms. Yang rushed to the school and saw her daughter’s face covered in blood, and the child was crying when she saw her mother. Ms. Yang immediately took her daughter to the hospital for a checkup. From the hospital diagnosis provided by Ms. Yang, it can be seen that the child’s right eye and facial contusion, conjunctival congestion, 0.8 vision in the right eye, and soft tissue swelling around the nasal bone of the left eye.

Ms. Yang said that her daughter did arithmetic problems to write a unit less, was beaten by the math teacher Zhao with a very thick book rolled up, resulting in the child’s right eye and face contusions, nearly blind, and the child also had a nosebleed. What makes her even more angry is that after the child was beaten and injured, the teacher did not take her to the doctor, but took chalk into the child’s nostrils to stop the bleeding, and wash off the blood on the child’s clothes.

Ms. Yang said the child is now in a rather unstable state of mind, often waking up suddenly in bed at night, bawling and crying, always shouting eye pain, headache. The school first said that because the teacher had no way to suspend classes, but only to assist the child to transfer classes.

The Fubon County Education Bureau staff said that the teacher involved has stopped working and is under investigation. And said, “We have seen the video, she was teaching students is ‘hand error’, is mistakenly hit the students.”

After the incident came to light, causing netizens hot debate, “this teacher is not a psychological problem, this is under the vicious hand ah!” “This is also worthy of being a teacher?” “The school is like this, something happened to push, Lai, hide.” “No matter what the reason is, beating like this is against the law, right, when teachers educate students, hitting the heart or something is acceptable, beating like this must be legally responsible.”

The authorities “hand error” argument, netizens are also a thunderous attack, “the front is a hand error, the back with chalk plug nostrils, that is what?” “Hand error”? That child is injured like this, and can still use this reason to explain?” “are almost blind, is hand error?” “Suggest that this Fufeng County Committee propaganda staff be held accountable! An adult so ruthless will be underage students beaten to serious injuries, but also for the perpetrator to excuse excuses?!”