“Drop the vaccination requirement!” A group of brave doctors stand up for the freedom of Americans

The Gateway Pundit reports that frontline doctors in the United States are calling on government agencies and the commercial airline industry to drop requirements for the COVID-19 (Chinese Communist Virus) vaccine.

Frontline doctors in the U.S. are asking government agencies and commercial airlines to drop requirements for the COVID-19 (Chinese Communist virus) vaccine. Americans deserve the freedom to work and travel, and their rights should not be compromised by government requirements.

A group of brave frontline doctors have stood up for the freedom of Americans. Today, they made a proposal for air travel. They say.

“Air travel contributes to the economic lifeblood of the United States. According to the U.S. Travel Association trade organization, direct spending by residents and international travelers averaged $3.1 billion per day in 2019. Without the revenue stream generated by air travel, U.S. taxpayers would pay nearly $1,400 more in taxes per person per year. Therefore, revitalizing the travel and leisure industry is a top priority for policymakers. Not surprisingly, revenues have plummeted as a result of COVID-19 (the Chinese Communist virus), with at least one estimate showing losses of up to $35 billion and air travel down 70 percent from pre-pandemic levels.

In the post-COVID era, requiring so-called “vaccine passports,” “digital ID cards,” and other travel directives for domestic airline passengers and crews will raise the costs of this difficult industry and impose severe restrictions on the constitutional rights of all Americans.

Air travel has not proven to be a significant vector of transmission for COVID-19 (the Chinese Communist virus). By the end of February, cases had declined by 77%. It is estimated that 55 to 66 percent of Americans already have natural immunity, which greatly reduces the need to vaccinate the general population to eliminate the transmissibility of the virus, not to mention the imposition of unprecedented travel restrictions.

American Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) is calling on the government and commercial airline industry to drop requirements for the COVID-19 vaccine (currently only the FDA is investigating, along with documentation of testing of passengers and crew). Mandatory requirements represent a radical departure from decades of public health guidelines and established medical ethics. In addition, they would be incredibly divisive for pilots, passengers and crew members and an unnecessary intrusion on the personal privacy and freedom of movement of millions of Americans. “

Yesterday Canada‘s health chief announced that she is working with European countries in an effort to mandate that individuals be vaccinated prior to flight.

Many Americans are skeptical of the COVID vaccine they would certainly rather have freedom than be forced to get the shot in order to qualify for international travel.

According to the report, America’s frontline doctors are correct. Americans’ rights to work and travel should not be violated by forcing Americans to take a vaccine they don’t want. Americans choose freedom over tyranny.