EU’s “2030 Digital Compass” plan aims to produce 20% of the world’s chips

The European Union is trying to turn the situation around after the new pneumonia (CCP) outbreak exposed the EU’s dependence on key technologies from the United States and China. Foreign news reports, the EU is studying the “2030 Digital Compass” (2030 Digital Compass) plan, the goal includes the production of one-fifth of the world’s advanced chips before 2030, as well as in five years to build their own first quantum computer.

The plan focuses on chips used in connected cars, smartphones, connected devices, high-performance computers and artificial intelligence, and also focuses on the global chip shortage that has led to the shutdown of the world’s major automakers. The goal is to produce advanced, sustainable semiconductors, including processors, in Europe by 2030, reaching at least 20 percent of the world by value.

The EU will take the initiative to invest in quantum technology, which will be a disruptive technology for developing new drugs and accelerating gene sequencing, and hopes to have the first computer with quantum acceleration technology in the EU by 2025, laying the foundation for Europe to be on top of quantum technology by 2030.

The “2030 Digital Compass” initiative intends to build 10,000 climate-neutral facilities by 2030 to help Europe build its own cloud infrastructure and double the number of unicorns with a market capitalization of $1 billion or more in that Time. In addition, the plan will also establish a Gigabit network by 2030, covering all European households and providing 5G services to all population centers.