Another cut in financial aid? Criticism of WHO as a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party U.S. Representatives proposed to freeze donations to WHO

Former U.S. President Donald Trump previously condemned the World health Organization (WHO) for concealing the new pneumonia (Chinese Communist virus, COVID-19) Epidemic on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party, which has harmed the world, and announced last July that he would withdraw from the WHO and stop paying dues. In response, Republican U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-CA) proposed a freeze on U.S. financial support for the WHO, criticizing the WHO as “a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party” and calling on the government to stop donating to the WHO before it makes “six major changes. He called on the government to stop making donations before the WHO makes “six major changes” and asked the WHO to include Taiwan as an observer.

Buchanan said he and his fellow lawmakers have sponsored the bill, criticizing the WHO for helping the Chinese Communist Party cover up the New Pneumonia epidemic, and absurdly praising the Chinese Communist Party for handling the epidemic properly and providing transparent information about the epidemic. Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars should not go to organizations that help the Chinese government cover up the origin and spread of the virus” and “This legislation would suspend financial aid until WHO proves it is free from the influence of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Buchanan argued that Biden‘s policy to suspend Trump was the wrong decision, noting that the United States is the largest donor to the WHO, contributing more than $415 million to the organization in fiscal year 2019, or about 20 percent of the organization’s annual budget, and paying almost twice as much in assessed or required annual contributions as China.

Buchanan cited how China has joined forces with the WHO to hide the truth since the outbreak, including the fact that the WHO has been slow to act even though Taiwan warned the WHO in December 2019, and even denied that the virus could be transmitted from person to person, with WHO Secretary General Tan Desai even endorsing the CCP’s approach.

In addition, the Chinese Communist Party has downplayed the power of the new coronavirus to spread, repeatedly stating that human-to-human transmission is not possible, and the WHO has gone so far as to agree with the Chinese Communist Party. Buchanan said, “The Chinese Communist Party is not our friend, and the WHO loses all credibility when it chooses to amplify the Chinese Communist Party’s lies and deceptions about public health. We need to hold WHO accountable for their actions, which have cost countless American lives.”

The “WHO is Accountable Act” calls for “six changes” from the WHO, including no longer participating in the CCP’s cover-up of the New Pneumonia outbreak, ensuring through reform that humanitarian aid is provided to those most in need, and not being subjected to the Chinese government’s influence on the outbreak. humanitarian aid to those most in need, be free from Chinese government control or significant malign influence, establish procedures to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse, grant observer status to Taiwan, and ensure that no funds are transferred to Iran, North Korea or Syria.