Pompeo to the election: the world is weighing Biden China-Japan editorial calls on Republicans to abandon Trump, Trump strongly rebutted

A few days ago the Wall Street Journal published an editorial calling on Republicans to abandon Trump, who fired back with an article on Thursday.

On Wednesday former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the media that he would not rule out running in the 2024 election and said the world was weighing in on the Biden administration.

On Thursday (March 4), the Senate voted along party lines, with Harris casting a key vote to advance the $1.9 trillion coronavirus (CCP) bailout bill, with Rep. Mike Kelly noting that 90 percent of the stimulus bill has nothing to do with Epidemic aid. In addition, there are Democratic senators calling for a fixed bailout check, but the U.S. debt has soared to 28 trillion and Inflation is at a ten-year high.

On Wednesday, senators from both parties proposed a bill to strip Biden of his Middle East war powers.

China Daily editorial calls on Republicans to abandon Trump, Trump strongly refuted

Trump on Thursday (March 4) strongly rebutted a Wall Street Journal editorial that called on Republicans to dump Trump and blamed Trump for the GOP’s loss of two congressional Senate seats in Georgia.

In a statement released Thursday, Trump accused the newspaper’s opinion page of supporting “globalist policies such as bad trade deals, open borders and endless wars.

Trump said, “They (WaPo) fight for the so-called Republicans (RINOS) who are doing serious harm to the Republican Party,” and “that’s where they stand and that’s where they’ll always be. Fortunately, no one cares that much about the Wall Street Journal’s editorials anymore. They’ve lost a tremendous amount of credibility.”

Trump’s statement was in response to a WaPo editorial published 2 days ago accusing the Republican Party of multiple electoral losses since Trump took office.

The editorial said that despite Trump’s claims of an advantage, he lost 7 million votes to President Joe Biden and pried away two traditionally red states – Arizona and Joe.

Republicans also lost the House, Senate and White House during Trump’s tenure. In most polls, the editorial said, former President Trump’s approval rating never reached more than 50 percent.

The editorial writes, “As long as Republicans cling to Trump’s whiny past, they will not be the majority in power.”

The Wall Street Journal also blamed Trump for the loss of the Joe State Congressional Senate runoff.

The Republicans lost seats in Joe, allowing Democrats to become the majority party in the Senate; the editorial argues that Trump’s claim that the 2020 election was stolen by Democrats through widespread fraud caused a split in the GOP party and some Republican voters not coming out to vote.

Trump fired back at Joe State on Thursday on the reasons for his loss, to WaPo, accusing Joe State Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and the state’s so-called Republican officials of not doing enough to stamp out election fraud.

Trump’s statement reads, “In the spirit of setting the record straight, (I believe) there are two reasons why Joe State’s Senate race was lost. First, Republicans did not turn out to vote because they were so angry and disappointed with the Joe Republican leadership and Governor Kemp for not standing up to Stacey Abrams (R-Joe) and the disastrous ‘Consent Decree,’ The consent decree eliminated nearly statewide signature verification requirements (and worse), and the provision was not approved by the state legislature as required by the Constitution – all of which had a significant impact on the outcome, which was a rigged election.”

In his statement, Trump said, “Second, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) refused to pay more than $600 per person in checks on the stimulus package while two Democratic opponents ran ad after ad touting (voting for them) for $2,000 each. This latter was used against our (Republican) senators, and the $2,000 would have been approved by the Democrats who bought the Joe State election anyway – and McConnell allowed them to do it!”

Trump added, “What’s even more stupid is that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (the NRC) spent millions of dollars on ineffective TV ads starring McConnell, the most unpopular politician in the country, who won in Kentucky because President Trump endorsed him. Without that endorsement, he would have lost badly.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is responsible for defending the Republican Senate seat in the switcheroo.

Photo: Former U.S. President Donald Trump (R-Texas) issued a public statement on March 4 rebutting the Wall Street Journal’s editorial article. (Trump’s Save America Super PAC)

Trump’s statement Thursday was similar to what he released on Feb. 17 through the Save America Super PAC. Trump blamed McConnell for the Republican Party’s loss in the 2020 Senate election, and that the GOP would never win again if a leader like McConnell remained in charge.

Pompeo doesn’t rule out 2024 run, says world weighing in on Biden

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the media on Wednesday (March 3) that he would not rule out running for president of the United States in 2024 because “I’m always ready to fight. He also said that leaders around the world are weighing in on Biden and his administration.

In an interview with Fox host Sean Hannity, Hannity asked if Trump decided not to run for president in 2024, would you run? Pompeo said, “I’m always ready to fight, I care deeply about America, you and I have been part of the conservative movement for days and days, and my goal is to stick with it.”

Hannity said he thought Pompeo gave a more affirmative answer, and Pompeo smiled.

When it comes to the Biden Administration‘s domestic and foreign affairs, Pompeo said that under the Democrats, U.S. foreign policy has changed from “America First” to “Blame America First.

What do world leaders think of the Biden administration? In particular, how do Xi Jinping, Putin and Kim Jong-un view it? Pompeo expressed concern about this.

“World leaders and my counterparts around the world are watching closely,” he said. “They’re watching every statement that (the Biden administration) makes, every move that they make, and they’re watching their routines to see what they do when it comes to how they really take the heat in tough times.”

Biden has been in office for six weeks now and has not held a single personal presidential press conference, while the Trump (Trump) administration has interacted frequently with the media, to which Pompeo drew a comparison. “President Trump will come out and he’s always talking to the press, probably more than any modern president (has interacted),” he said. “He talks to the media about a wide range of topics.”

Pompeo turned to the Biden administration, “When a leader can’t do that, when he can’t answer questions, when he can’t explain his policies, when it looks like he’s hiding in the background, for whatever reason, maybe it’s bad scheduling or he really doesn’t have Time. But leaders around the world are watching and weighing in.”

Pompeo said, “When the United States shows weakness, it creates a real risk to our soldiers, naval, air and Marine forces (deployed) around the world.” “Weakness can lead to war, strength will determine whether adversaries will be deterred, and it also depends on whether allies reach out in difficult moments.”

Pompeo also noted that the Chinese Communist Party is the greatest threat to the United States and that it poses the “most enduring threat” to America’s “fundamental way of Life,” and he urged the Biden White House to acknowledge that as well, “I hope this administration takes this threat seriously. I hope this administration takes this threat seriously” and “the American people deserve (that commitment) and I know they will demand it”.

Kamala Harris Cast Key Vote, U.S. Reps: 90% of Stimulus Bill Has Nothing to Do with Epidemic Aid

Kamala Harris (D-CA) broke a 50-50 Senate deadlock on March 4 afternoon to officially launch Senate debate on the Biden administration’s landmark pandemic response legislation, the $1.9 trillion bailout package.

After Harris cast a key vote, Senate Democrats continued to advance a $1.9 trillion coronavirus (CCP virus) bailout bill Thursday (March 4), which is expected to pass within days.

Photo: Rep. Mike Kelly

Because of changes to the bill’s content, the bill will need to pass the Senate before being sent back to the House for a vote.

U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, in a recent interview with the English-language Epoch Times, pointed out that more than 90 percent of the $1.9 trillion bailout plan being pushed by the White House has nothing to do with the epidemic relief, but is instead being used to fund leftist policies.

Rep. Mike Kelly said that only 9 percent of the funds in the bill are related to the epidemic relief, and most of the funds will go to the Democratic Party. He denounced that the Biden administration should not use the epidemic as an excuse to squander taxpayer money for leftist political purposes.

According to Kelly, “We’ve allocated trillions of dollars in funding and we haven’t spent it all. Now we’re going to add another $1.9 trillion, and only 9 percent will actually go to epidemic relief. The rest will support Democratic blue states, the ones that are not doing well.”

Rep. Kelly also said the U.S. debt is $30 trillion, but the Biden administration has not been careful about spending.

He said, “We should be making sure that every dollar we spend is going to pay off for the taxpayers. But that’s not what we’re doing. And a lot of Americans don’t realize that government money comes from the taxpayers. These are not government dollars, these are Americans’ dollars being redistributed by the government.”

On top of that, for many voters who decided not to vote because they were disappointed in last year’s election, Kelly said that to do so would be to make the biggest mistake of all. He encouraged voters to take an active interest in their local elections and to resist left-wing thinking in their schools.

Congressman Kelly concluded by emphasizing that the Culture of cancellation has taken its toll on America and called on Americans to stand up for the truth.

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) last week pointed out that the bailout bill includes a significant amount of spending unrelated to COVID-19, claiming it appeals to a “coalition of special interests” and declaring that “the swamp is back. It’s back”.

McCarthy said, “In reality, less than 9 percent of the money is going to fight the epidemic.” He claimed that Democrats themselves were “so embarrassed by all the non-epidemic waste in this bill that they chose to pass it in the dead of night.”

Democrats call for fixed bailout checks, but the U.S. debt has soared to 28 trillion and inflation is at a ten-year high

Some Democratic U.S. senators called on President Biden to change the way bailout checks are distributed and to consider allowing the federal government to issue checks to people on a fixed basis so that they can live until the end of the New Guinea virus epidemic; however, the current U.S. debt has soared to about $28 trillion and inflation has reached a ten-year high.

A letter from ten Democratic U.S. senators, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Ron Wyden, points out that each round of bailout checks must be negotiated and distributed at intervals of several months, and that the federal government should regularly distribute bailout checks directly to people until the The federal government should issue relief checks directly to people on a regular basis until the epidemic is over. The letter did not specify the amount of the checks that would be issued on a regular basis.

Congress enacted legislation a year ago to issue $1,200 cash checks for people in need, and last December issued another $600 in relief checks. The Biden $1 trillion epidemic relief bill, to be considered by the Senate this week, would give people $1,400 in relief checks.

Progressive members of Congress and some Democratic lawmakers have argued that regular government checks for the public are an important way to speed up economic recovery. In January, more than 50 members of Congress joined together to ask the Biden administration to support a proposal to issue $2,000 monthly relief checks to people on a regular basis during the epidemic.

Mississippi College assistant professor of economics Bolen (Brandon Bolen) said that the national debt itself is a major problem, and the new crown bailout has added to the government deficit; national debt plus heavy social welfare spending, may make the U.S. economic curve towards the “unbearable” development situation.

In addition, U.S. bonds fell again on the 3rd, long-term bond yield jumped to a high this week, inflation expectations also climbed to a new high of more than a decade; 10-year U.S. bond yield jumped 10.3 basis points to 1.495%, a steep rise reminiscent of the February 25 bond market flash crash.

Bipartisan senators propose bill to strip Biden of Middle East war powers

According to U.S. media outlet Politico, on March 3, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia and Republican Senator Todd Young of Indiana introduced a bipartisan legislation to repeal the U.S. president’s decades-old authorization to use force in the Middle East because of the escalating tensions in the region.

Photo: Members of the U.S. Civil Guard on duty near the Capitol on Jan. 8

The two announced the bill in response to last week’s decision by Biden to launch airstrikes against Iranian-backed military facilities in Syria without first seeking congressional approval, with lawmakers expressing surprise that the White House did not consult with Congress in advance and did not properly notify Congress of the military strikes. On the issue, lawmakers from both parties expressed disappointment with Biden’s approach.

Biden himself wrote in a letter to congressional leaders that he ordered the strikes in “self-defense.

Republican Sen. Todd Young said, “Congress has been in a pattern of ‘autopilot’ when it comes to our fundamental duty to authorize the use of military force, and the fact that the authorization for war in the Middle East is still the law today shows that neither party in Congress is fulfilling its constitutional duty of oversight. “

Four other bipartisan senators have also signed on to the bill, which calls for the repeal of the U.S. president’s decades-old authorization for the use of force in the Middle East.