During the two sessions of the Beijing many subway failure temporary parking

On March 5, Beijing Metro Line 10 staff told commuters who came to line up to enter the subway: “Gentlemen, you can’t sit down. (Video screenshot)

On the morning of March 5, many Beijing netizens said on Weibo that the subway line 10 was out of order, causing them to be late for work, and the phrase “Beijing subway line 10” was on the Weibo hot search list. By 11 a.m. on the 5th, the phrase had been read 140 million times and discussed 13,000 times.

Some netizens took a video of the scene, showing subway staff telling commuters who came to the line to enter the subway: “Gentlemen, you can’t sit down.

Some netizens said that at around 8:20 a.m., Metro Line 10 broke down, between Shilihe and Panjiayuan. Netizens pointed out, “Line 10 did stop a bit long today, and it felt like a lot of people were late.” “The subway broke down again, it’s late again.”

Another netizen added: “Today Line 10 stopped again for more than 10 minutes, not the problem of being late, just stopped, the ventilation was not enough, the carriage lacked oxygen, some people began to shortness of breath, the whole carriage almost caused panic!!! You are trying to make a big deal during the two sessions in order to actually protect people’s travel safety? You can’t guarantee that much capacity, why do you send trains so often, no flow restrictions at all, you have to kill and injure people to fall off the head, only to solve the actual problem?

Other netizens added: “Equipment short circuit …… signal failure …… reasons do not seem to be new.” “Signal failure ……6 line is also affected.”

March 5, in Beijing netizens refer to the subway line 10, line 6 failure. (Microblog screenshot)

There are also netizens very angry, said Line 10 has failed many times, “March only a few days ah, bad 2 times, you pay for my ten dollars.” “It’s broken twice a week, can it still work, it’s late twice a week!!!”

On March 5, netizens in Beijing complained about temporary stops on Metro Line 10. (Screenshot from Weibo)

“Beijing subway really do not intend to properly investigate the problem, two days a week in the morning rush hour out of order, how many people on this car it.” “It is really expected to be scolded on the hot search, do not come out to write a statement to apologize? Line 10 is such an important loop, how many people are trapped there! And several times a week accidents! The money of the workers is not money!”

“I hope you get a hot search or a statement from Beijing Metro. Prove that you are true to the occurrence of the failure to stop! The fifth day of the month this week broke down twice, late twice, I really … very speechless I even full attendance can not do.”

“Today is the earliest Time to go out, today is the longest time to break down, I was born to be late, out of the station is not to open a fault certificate! Whose fault is it to be late?”

It is reported that on March 1, Metro Line 10 had a temporary stop, causing some trains to be late.

However, as of press time, there is still no mainland media coverage of the incident.

Today is the second day of the two sessions of the Communist Party of China. Yesterday, during the first day of the two sessions, the first carriage of the Nanjing Metro Line 1 train derailed during a train inspection.