Guangzhou 14-year-old teenager riding the bus suddenly had a heart attack, the driver even refused to send medical…

On August 8, 2019, a 14-year-old boy, Xiao Chen, took the Pang 15 line bus with his mother, and on the way, Xiao Chen suddenly collapsed. Chen’s mother asked the driver to drive the bus directly to the hospital and was refused. The driver called other passengers to call 120 and assisted in stopping social vehicles to send Xiao Chen to the hospital.

Twenty-one days after the incident, Xiao Chen was pronounced clinically dead at Guangzhou No. 1 Hospital. The Family of Xiao Chen believes that if the driver rescued him in Time, it is very likely that the tragedy would not have occurred, so they sued Panyu District Public Bus Co. In the first instance, the Panyu District Court ruled that the bus company should bear 20% of the responsibility and compensate the family with more than 250,000 yuan, which the bus company appealed.

On the afternoon of March 4, Xiao Chen’s father told the cover news reporter to consider continuing the complaint.

The family provided a screenshot of the surveillance at the time of the incident

14-year-old suddenly fainted, the driver refused to use the bus to send him to the hospital

On August 8, 2019, Xiao Chen and his mother took the Fan15 line bus together. On the way, Xiao Chen suddenly fainted. Chen’s mother asked the driver to drive the bus directly to the nearest hospital, but was refused.

The verdict of the second trial of the Guangzhou Intermediate Court showed that Xiao Chen had a sudden cardiogenic death while riding in the vehicle. After the onset of the disease, the driver stopped first and called other passengers to call 120, while reporting the situation to his unit. The driver assisted in intercepting social vehicles when Chen’s mother got off the bus, and sent Chen to the minivan after the driver continued the operation of the bus. From the onset of Xiaochen’s illness to the driver intercepted the vehicle to send it to the doctor, the time before and after about 6 minutes.

Mr. Chen provided to the cover news reporter in the bus surveillance video shows that at about 9:23 on August 8, 2019, a passenger called the driver. The driver stopped to check the situation and asked the passenger to “help call 120”. The driver then got off the bus through the front door and entered the car through the back door, holding up his cell phone to take pictures.

On August 23, the first hospital in Guangzhou was evaluated twice to determine that Xiao Chen was brain dead, and on August 29, the family gave up active treatment and Xiao Chen was declared brain dead.

Screenshot of the verdict of the case from the Judicial Documents Online

The second trial ruled that the driver was slightly negligent and that “Xiao Chen’s death was due to his own factors”.

On March 4, 2021, Mr. Chen, Xiao Chen’s father, told the cover news reporter on the phone that after the incident, he had repeatedly negotiated with Panyu Bus Company without success, so he sued the company to court.

The Panyu District Court’s first trial verdict in August 2020 showed that the driver did not actively fulfill his statutory duty to rescue the driver, objectively depriving Xiao Chen of the opportunity to receive timely medical treatment, and was at fault for his death, ruling that the bus company bore 20% of the responsibility and compensated Xiao Chen’s family for damages totaling more than 250,000 yuan.

The Panyu bus company appealed to the Guangzhou Intermediate Court against the first instance judgment. The second-instance verdict shows that the Guangzhou Intermediate Court held that the driver’s refusal to carry the car was inappropriate, but that the driver’s first request to other passengers to call 120 and to help intercept the social vehicles to send Xiao Chen to the hospital, basically to a reasonable extent, there is minor negligence, “Xiao Chen’s death is due to its own factors, can not be unreasonable responsibility for the Panyu bus company. “The court held that the first trial found that the death of Xiao Chen was due to his own factors.

The Guangzhou Intermediate Court held that the first trial found that the bus company was responsible for 20% of the accident and awarded Panyu Bus Company 80,000 yuan in damages to Xiao Chen’s Parents.

Screenshot of the surveillance at the time of the incident

The family says the driver did not save the Life of the driver in time to consider a complaint against the verdict

“The bus company did not have any first aid action, but only took pictures for evidence,” Mr. Chen, father of Xiao Chen, told Cover News on March 4, 2020, that Xiao Chen’s death was caused by his own factors, but the driver did not give timely rescue, delaying the time for treatment, consider continuing the complaint.

“In the bus in such an emergency, if we can say timely rescue or artificial respiration, or cardiac resuscitation, it is possible to save the child back.” Mr. Chen said.

Mr. Chen said that the company’s main leaders have not yet apologized to the family to explain, hoping to get a face-to-face explanation and apology.

On March 4, the cover news reporter called Guangzhou Panyu Bus Co., Ltd. to try to understand the company’s attitude toward the second trial verdict and the provisions for handling such emergencies, the company’s office staff politely declined the interview.