Key 4 U.S. states take a stand to prevent vote reversals

Trump has been unwilling to admit defeat, and even Republicans can’t see it.

USA Today 14 reported that Republican leaders in the four key states that Biden won have said they will not participate in a legally dubious plan to have the state’s electoral votes reverse and ultimately vote for Trump.

The report notes that “Republican leaders in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have thrown cold water on the ‘get the electoral votes to (eventually) go to Trump’ strategy.”

Longstreet News (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) noted that several Republican senators have recently joined the ranks of those urging Trump to move forward with the transition process. Meanwhile, lawsuits filed by Trump in several key battleground states have failed in succession.

According to the report, Republican lawmakers in all four aforementioned states have said they will not interfere with the choice of the next electors, who will ultimately cast the votes that will ensure the victory of a particular candidate (i.e., Biden).

The report commented that their comments effectively thwarted an immature plan put forward by some Republicans and that was the last chance to keep Trump in the White House.

Since Nov. 3, the general election votes in the U.S. states have been completed to be counted. According to the data released by the U.S. media, Biden got 11, 16, 20 and 10 electoral votes in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, respectively.

And according to the 2020 election schedule released by the Congressional Research Service, Nov. 4 to Dec. 14 is when each state counts its popular votes and confirms the results, with Dec. 14 being the electoral college day for each state.

By January 6 next year, the Senate and House of Congress will hold a joint session to count the electoral college votes and declare a winner. At this point, the new president election process is complete.

The electoral votes of all states in the United States are now determined, according to a combination of CNN and several other U.S. media outlets on the 13th. In the final stage, Biden won Georgia, Trump won North Carolina. At this point, the United States media estimated that Biden finally obtained 306 electoral votes, Trump obtained 232 electoral votes.

According to the U.S. presidential election rules, more than 270 electoral votes for the presidential candidate that wins the election. Faced with the current results, Trump’s campaign began using judicial means to try to overturn the election results.

National Public Radio counts that the Trump campaign has now filed at least a dozen lawsuits in five states across the country.

However, according to U.S. media reports, nine election-related lawsuits were “either dismissed or abandoned by the Trump team’s legal representatives on their own” in just one day on the 13th.

In contrast to Trump’s refusal to recognize the election results, a number of Republicans have begun to take a position.

On the 15th of that day, Ohio Governor, Republican Mike DeWine said in a CNN connection, Trump should “consider the national interest”, formally began with Biden’s team to carry out the power transition. DeWine also acknowledged that Biden won the election.

The former White House national security adviser Bolton, who has written a book exposing the inner workings of the White House, also came out on the 15th to criticize Trump. He stressed that “it is necessary for top Republicans to come out and tell them that Trump has lost the election. They also need to be told that Trump’s claims of ‘election fraud’ are baseless.”

It’s worth noting that on the morning of the 15th, Trump used the words “Biden won” for the first time in a tweet.

Trump said: “He (meaning Biden) won because the election was rigged. Poll watchers and observers were not allowed in (on the ballot) and the voting forms were made by Dominion, a private radical left-wing company. This company has a bad reputation, is poorly equipped, and doesn’t even have access to Texas (which I won in a landslide)! O media of falsehood and silence!”

Although Trump said “Biden won” is in order to again bombard “election fraud”, and Trump tweeted about an hour later, and stressed that he “did not admit defeat”, but the American netizens did not buy it.

American netizens are cheering, Trump finally “admit” that Biden won. They have to take screenshots of Trump’s tweets to play out the trick, after editing only left “he won” (he won) a few words.