2,813 new cases of coronary pneumonia diagnosed in Serbia, a total of 87,381 cases confirmed

According to data released by the Serbian Ministry of Health on 16 November, 11,493 people were tested for new coronavirus in the past 24 hours, and 2,813 cases were confirmed. To date, a total of 87,381 cases have been diagnosed; there have been 21 new deaths and a total of 1,030 deaths, or a mortality rate of 1.18 per cent. The current number of hospitalizations is 3963 and 161 cases are on ventilators; the cumulative number of tests in the country is 1519,315.

In Serbia, 2,813 new cases of coronary pneumonia have been diagnosed, and 87,381 cases have been diagnosed in total.
The largest number of confirmed cases in the country continues to be in the capital, Belgrade, with 906 new cases per day, followed by 364 in Novi Sad and 215 in Kragujevac.

In addition, the Kosovo region (including the Serb-populated areas in the north) now has a total of 29,805 confirmed cases, 833 deaths and 17,541 cures.