The most vulnerable part of people is to give up

“If I get married tomorrow, I can get a new bride if you say so.” This is the heaviest promise he made to her. Later he and she have been entangled repeatedly until that Time when he left suddenly.

Six months later, she heard from him, he tried his best to explain the reason for the loss of contact, but the capricious and stubborn did not accept his reasonable explanation after all. Then came the news that he was getting married, and the bride was not her. She thought that the two of them would be “diluted” in one of his insistence, but this time, she did not wait for his patience.

Then she was in no mood to like a person, in no security to accept a new relationship. The first love at the time of youthful ignorance, like a beacon of Life to guide her, 12 years of repeated, 12 years of entanglement, and then no results.

The most fragile part of a person’s life is that they can’t let go.

Because you can’t let go, you can’t forget, you can’t forget, you can’t forget, you can’t forget, you can’t forget. “Surge like yesterday” ……

It is also because of the inability to let go of the “Museum of Lost Love” in Zagreb, Croatia.

Ten years ago, when the two founders of the museum ended their four-year long relationship and decided to break up, they did not want to treat the breakup as “a disease”, but to celebrate Instead, they wanted to celebrate the good times they had spent together. They came up with the idea of asking friends to donate unwanted love memorabilia as a memento. Over time, the collection grew and a “museum of lost love” was created. Those who have lost their love know that their situation is not hard to find and that you are not alone! There are so many people in the world who are devastated by the loss of love, yet life still goes on as it should. The world’s most important thing is to have a good understanding of the world.

The world has not experienced the loss of love, about few people, right? The world’s most important thing is that there are very few people who have died of love. This is evident in the case of “The Trouble with Young Werther”. Love loss is a human disease, and for many teenagers, it evolves directly into a crisis. In this sense, the “Museum of Lost Love” is an extraordinary idea that gives people a place to heal.

What is lost in a broken relationship? People mostly think that what they have lost is the love of another man or woman. In fact, the real despair that knocks us to the ground and is triggered by disappointment stems from the fact that we have been denied by the person we believed in and loved. Some people then follow the trend to arrive at the tragic judgment that they are not worthy of being loved, that they are worthless, and that they are not even qualified to live.

The Museum of Lost Love is hugely popular. It is said to have held exhibitions in 25 cities in 17 countries, with nearly a million visitors. Because of the timeless nature of lost love, this museum also collects more and more exhibits with more and more people coming to visit.

“No matter what way love ends, sad, unfortunate or stormy, the emotions of two people stay in the past, and these tokens of love with memories of the past still have the value of memory, and the best way to keep them is to have an exhibition. Each exhibit is a mark engraved in life, collecting them is a look back at a good relationship, and exhibiting them to share them is an attempt to get out of a love affair. In Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, there is such a unique place, which is also summarized by the BBC as “a place to store stories about heartbreak”.

What will you take to pay tribute to your “unforgettable”?