Is Lee Hwan-young really that perfect?

This year’s New Year’s Eve season, the movie “Hello, Li Huanying” directed by Jia Ling, achieved a double harvest of word-of-mouth and box office. And Jia Ling also became famous in one battle.

It is a movie dedicated to Jia Ling’s late mother Li Huanying, and it is mainly based on Jia Ling’s Life with her mother and her love for her.

Many people are curious to know why this movie was the only one that caught fire so fast when there were many movies that used mother’s love as a topic before.

I was also curious about why this movie was so hot, what was so special about it? So I also went to the cinema to find out what it is, and here I also talk about my feelings about watching the movie.

First, why is this movie so hot?

The movie is a combination of comedy effect, but the comedy effect may not be as funny as Charlotte Trouble.

So the reason why this movie is so hot, a very important reason is.

We Chinese are too short of unconditional motherly love.

The movie portrays an image of unconditional motherhood, a very perfect mother.

When Jia Xiaoling was talking about her daughter’s future success at the wine table, Li Huanying only said tenderly: “My daughter, I just want her to be healthy and happy.

Li Huanying actually traveled back with Jia Xiaoling, and faced with the opportunity to choose her fate again, she still chose the ordinary boiler worker and the “useless” Jia Xiaoling. Jia Xiaoling, and she feels that “she is really happy in this life.

It is because of the unconditional motherly love that has touched the hearts of countless people, so most people are laughing in the first half of the film and crying in the second half.

Secondly, is Lee Hwan Young really that perfect?

In my humble opinion, it may not be. This may be largely an amplification of Jia Ling’s deceased mother, the real Li Huanying, who fell off a dump truck carrying straw in 2001, the year Jia Ling was in college, and died unexpectedly, leaving Jia Ling with great grief and regret.

This grief and regret will magnify one’s feelings, just like a lost love will magnify the various good things about her ex-boyfriend, just a filter effect.

People may also question this question.

If you really have the unconditional love of your mother, will you fake your college acceptance letter? The actual “make your mom happy” is your goal? Would she feel guilty about her mother and think that her birth was a mistake that needed to be fixed?

Indeed, psychologically speaking, this is a contradiction. Some people will magnify the bad things about their mothers, while others will magnify the good things about their mothers. A mature person will integrate the good and bad things about her, and she will never be as bad or as good as we think.

By realizing this, we can maintain a loving link with our Parents from a more tolerant and understanding perspective, and on this basis, it is possible to see them as a complete and real person, thus realizing the inner “good and bad object The integration of the “good and bad objects” within.

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