My favorite blogger has lost her freedom and I will always wish her well.

In April 2020, the Weibo user @MarilynMengLiu was arrested after she posted a long tweet, “The one who sat on the balcony and banged a gong to sound the sickness”, which was officially recognized as spreading rumors, and in September 2020, she was sentenced to six months in prison for “provoking and provoking trouble”. The legal documents for her sentence were published by Twitter user @SpeechFreedomCN. It was also reported on the wall, but comments on the tweets were cleared or restricted.

One night during the National Day holiday in 2019, I was drinking with online friends in Sanlitun. At the Time I blew up another account and Weibo was in a lonely state. I was drinking and browsing on my phone when I suddenly found someone at my blown up number, an online friend who had been shutting each other down for a while but hadn’t communicated much in private. I’ve always enjoyed reading her microblogging, initially following her because we both like Luo Dayou, and then being lucky enough to get her back fo. she has a strong empathy and infectious power of words. I was terrified and honored to see myself suddenly being at.

She tweeted because she found that my account was gone and she wrote a pretty long paragraph. She knew I liked Faye Wong and Zhang Hang, she said she liked reading what I wrote, she complimented me on my bravery, she asked if anyone could reach me, and she said she hoped I would let her know if I had a new account. I can’t remember the more specific text, I just remember being happy and a little fluttery when I saw it. It’s simply amazing to be remembered and sought out by your favorite blogger. I have a period of depression after each blow-up, but that one was unexpectedly short-lived because I was encouraged and healed by that tweet.

Then I got a new account and we foed each other again. Sent a few private messages, and she was always warm and gracious. More often than not we met on the front page. During the Epidemic, we picked up and retweeted for help, just like the rest of our friends on the front page at the time. Many times when I had trouble sleeping because of anger and worry, I found her doing the same.

I blew up a few more times and didn’t play Twitter again for a while. During that time, she wrote a tweet that was retweeted many times. I heard that she was targeted and talked to for this tweet, or I saw the news on Douban. Later, her Weibo was deactivated, and several friends were asked about her situation. I thought for a while that she was disenchanted with the platform after the conversation. I sent her two private messages to see if she was okay, but I didn’t hear back.

I didn’t think she was losing her freedom. When I saw the message a few days ago, I saw that it contained her ID that I was familiar with and thought it was incredible. But then I thought about the fact that she had disappeared for such a long time and realized that the message was probably true. A distant, side-by-side, well-meaning friend who suffered more than I could ever imagine on a day when I was completely unaware. Simply for writing platitudes about people and events that we had heard and seen together.

I am a very poor drinker, see her at me that day, because happy to drift dizzy on top of dizzy. When I came out of the bar, because it was the National Day, the whole street stores are planted with five-star red flags, I walked deep and shallow, can not tell which is the real world in front of me or in the phone. The moment I saw her name written in the news, the two worlds finally coincided before my eyes.

I don’t know if I’ll have the chance to contact her again, the words are too pale. I also forgot if I ever expressed to her my joy at seeing her at me that day, maybe I was too shy to say it at that time. A lot of things I will always remember. I will always bless her.

Z**: Sincerely wish you a new world

Long**: The last time we chatted, we also talked about horoscope gossip, like middle school students.

Wear**: May we meet in a place where there is no darkness.

sa**: [tears] [tears] [tears] [hugs] [hugs] [hugs] know who you are talking about hope she sees you these words hope she knows she is not wrong many people think she is not wrong

Zi**: see you say lost freedom to guess which one, good luck

Ke**: hello, can private message which one is it

Ug**: the one who was recently sentenced to 6 months in prison

Cheng**: support her, support all those who are convicted for their words, in fact, they are helping ourselves.

hw**: wishing everyone a smooth and safe future. Although very do not want to live, but still tell yourself: living is resistance.

ka**: ah…who is it…

Acid**: It should be Marilyn Monroe six, said no one who passed on the people were not caught, she was caught [sad]

Er**: I was really shocked by that message a few days ago and feel very sad for what happened to her. I will always wish her well too [heart]

Geese**: I wish you all peace and health, take care

Next**: There is a winding road ahead, always take care and pray with all your heart.

Ha**: To be spared from this suffering by a fluke in the darkness, to be able to embrace and cry in a place free from suffering and darkness, is the blessing I most want to give to the stratosphere and to my stratospheric friends in the stratosphere today.