Do contribute, then add points

The answer to this question is to say that the children of martyrs are given a part of the places given to foreign students in various universities. 20 points are not enough for the contribution of martyrs, and it involves the extremely important issue of contradiction shifting. This answer focuses on the analysis of how the contradiction is shifted.

It is interesting to note that families with 2021 high school candidates reacted differently than others.

Everyone acknowledges that martyrs make great contributions and their families should be taken care of, so why is the bonus payment and house allocation not as controversial as the college entrance exam bonus?

In SARS 03, there was also a policy of extra points for children of medical personnel with outstanding contributions, and at that Time I wrote a short story that was posted under this issue, and the conclusion was similar.

There is a Family of four, the brother and younger brother can receive 2 yuan pocket money per day, that is, one yuan per day each.

One day, the mother forgot to turn off the gas when cooking, the night everyone gas poisoning, fortunately, the brother by the window poisoning light, shivering to call for help, the family to survive.

The next day we all praise the brother, Dad a slap the table, the brother made a big contribution, to reward! Or else the future pocket money is not half share, brother 50 cents brother a piece of five it!

The brother heard the quit, lying on the ground rolling. Mom came over to calm the brother: “also left 50 cents is good, you see if it is not the brother saved you, you even spend the 50 cents of the opportunity are not it. “

Brother did not listen, continue to roll. Dad got angry and reprimanded, “Ungrateful thing! No ideological awareness! You do not keep 50 cents, 2 yuan to the brother! You do not see how much the brother has contributed to the family! “

The brother rolled and shouted “brother saved the Life of the whole family, not my life alone! Why give him a bonus, not from the family’s public accounts, not from the money you smoke, not from the mother’s cosmetics, but only from my pocket money? “

On the issue of 03 SARS medical workers children extra points, can also be similarly discussed: medical workers have made outstanding contributions to the people of the country, why give them a reward not deducted from the public accounts, single out the admission quota of the 03 class high school candidates as a reward?

Is this a conflict of interest between the brother and the brother, or between the brother and the father? How did dad cleverly transfer the conflict from himself and his brother to his brother and his brother?

So when we discuss whether the children of martyrs are eligible for 20 extra points, the real conflict has been secretly transferred. It’s like mom stressing over and over again to her brother that his brother is eligible for 1.5 yuan pocket money.

The state pays 1 million per martyr’s child to hire a special tutor 1 to 1, the effect is certainly more than 20 points. And knowledge in the student’s head, more useful than in the extra credit, at least in college to keep up with the curriculum. Or directly to the system to work, after all, the university learned biochemical ring material is not as good as no extra credit.

PS: It seems that there are still readers do not understand my analogy, to put it more bluntly: this policy is to say that the provincial recruitment office to the children of martyrs plus 20 points, that is to say, is the distribution of the province’s educational cake, the other provinces do not pluck – for example, the four martyrs in the two Henan martyrs, assuming that the two children of martyrs to college entrance exams, plus points The crowded down is bound to be Henan candidates. The two martyrs of Henan for the country instead of losing out?