47 people charged with “conspiracy to subvert state power” in Hong Kong pro-democracy camp to be arraigned tomorrow

Fifty-three candidates who participated in last year’s “35+” primary election were released on bail after being arrested in January this year on charges of violating the National Security Law of Hong Kong. The day before yesterday, the pro-democracy activists were notified by the police that they were required to “report early” on Feb. 28. The Hong Kong Police said at 3 p.m. that day, with “conspiracy to subvert state power” to prosecute 47 people, each of them are not allowed to be released on bail must be detained overnight, and will be arraigned tomorrow morning in the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Court.

Comprehensive news shows that the Hong Kong Police National Security Division on January 6 mobilized more than 1,000 police officers to arrest 53 people who organized or participated in the democratic “35+ primary election”, followed by the arrest of Wong Chi-fung, who is serving a prison sentence, and Tam Tak Chi, who was detained, said they were suspected of “subversion of state power “The arrests were made on February 10. The arrestees reported to the police station on Feb. 10 and were scheduled to report again on April 8, but on the 26th they were notified by the National Security Division of the Hong Kong Police Force that they had to report earlier on the 28th. According to a report in Ming Pao, the Hong Kong Police Force said at nearly 3 p.m. that day that the 47 arrested persons, including 39 men and 8 women, aged 23 to 64, would be detained overnight and arraigned in the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Court after 11 a.m. on March 1, for the crime of “conspiracy to subvert state power.

It is reported that the list of arrested persons include: Dai Yaoting, Zhu Kaidi, Chen Zhiquan, Mao Mengjing, Wu Zhiwei, Wong Pik Wan, Wan Siu Kin, District Nuo Xuan, Chiu Ka Yin, Lam Cheuk Ting, Tam Man Ho, Kwok Ka Ki, Yeung Ngok Kiu, Lee Yu Shun, Leung Kwok Hung, Sham Tze Kit, Wong Chi Fung, Sham Ao Hui, Yu Wai Ming, Ng Man Yee, Tam Kai Pong, Fan Kwok Wai, Tam Tak Chi, Lam King Nam, Chung Kam Lun, Wong Pak Yu, Ng Ching Hang, Yuen Ka Wai, Leung Fong Wai, Cheng Tat Hung In addition, the civil rally team spokespersons were: Xu Zimian, Yang Xueying, Peng Zhuoqi, He Qiming, Feng Dajun, Liu Weicong, Liu Ze Feng, Li Jiada, Shi Delai, Zhang Kesen, Huang Ziyue, Wu Jianwei, He Guilan, Liu Wenhong, Zou Jiacheng, Lu Zhiheng, and Ke Yao Lin. In addition, the spokesperson of the civil assembly team, Winnie Lau, was also charged with violating the Crimes Ordinance S159A and 159C.

According to Hong Kong Commercial Radio, the “35+” primary election initiated by the University of Hong Kong law former associate professor Dai Yaoting and Abu Thai Life department store founder Lin Jingnan arrived at the Ma On Shan Police Station after about 1:30 p.m., Dai Yaoting did not respond to media questions. Lam King Nam believes that he did not do any illegal acts, and finally even if he will be prosecuted or imprisoned, he has no conscience. The vice chairman of the League of Social Democrats, Mr. Sham Tze Kit, and the former legislator of the Democratic Party, Ms. Wong Pik Wan, reported to the Yau Ma Tei Police Station. He said that during the anti-amendment campaign, there was a lot of unreasonable suspicion against the Democratic Party, which caused a lot of humiliation to the Democratic Party members.

The report said that Shum Tze Kit said that the regime can take away the rights of Hong Kong people, but the world’s eyes are clear, will continue to insist on fighting for civil “five demands”. Wong Pik Wan responded that he did not blame the other side, looking forward to understanding the friction, so that the democratic movement forward. Tsuen Wan District Councilor Shum Ao Fai said before entering the police station, the mood is calm, criticized the regime is a comprehensive suppression of the democratic camp and liquidation, but said the confidence of the people of Hong Kong, not the end of democracy, they will not bow to the regime, hope that Hong Kong people adhere to democracy. In addition, responsible for coordinating the democratic primaries announced the dissolution of the democratic power on the 27th, the former convener Zhao Jiaxian reported to the North Point Police Station in the afternoon, saying that Hong Kong has entered a new era, a new political situation, I hope that all people take care of themselves, positive face, but also in accordance with the Basic Law, the Hong Kong Regional Security Law and the “one country, two systems” framework, to do things that make Hong Kong prosperous and stable.

Former Legislative Councilor Cody Chu wrote through his Facebook page, “Thank you to the people of Hong Kong for giving me the opportunity to contribute to society over the past 15 years, and I am deeply honored to be guilty today for our common ideal. Everyone’s greetings are received, and I wish you all the best in living every day to the fullest and making those around you feel love and hope no matter what the situation is.” The Civic Party also said that the party’s Li Yuxin, Guo Jiaqi, Tan Wenhao, Yang Yueqiao four people were charged with “conspiracy to subvert state power”, the party’s chairman Leung Ka-kit and secretary-general Leung Ka-shan is at the police station to assist. The Civic Party said, “a lifetime of peace, open-mindedness, but sometimes the world is difficult to complete”, the party can only try to practice the latter, that history will stand on the side of justice, “see the word sitting straight drinking water, the dawn will eventually come”. The Democratic Party also said that five members of the party, including Lam Cheuk Ting, Wan Siu Kin, Wong Pik Wan, Wu Chi Wai and the former convenor of the Democratic Power Zhao Jia Xian have been charged with “subversion of state power”, the same tomorrow in West Kowloon, the Democratic Party has arranged for lawyers to follow up.

The Hong Kong Civil Human Rights Front appealed in a Facebook post, “The public will go to West Kowloon tomorrow in solidarity with the pro-democracy camp in court, to line up to enter the court, the West Kowloon Magistracy, in solidarity with the arrested and accused hands and feet!” It is understood that the resident American human rights lawyer Guan Shangyi, the Democratic Party Tu Chin-shen, Kwong Chun-yu, nurse Liu Kai-man, the former principal of the Yan On Hospital Nurses Training School Yuen Wai-kit, former Legislative Council member Lee Kwok-lun, the former chairman of the Association of Parents of the Severely Mentally Handicapped Lee Chi-yung and Indian social worker Andriy are not yet charged, pending further investigation.