Republican Party 2024 only 3 routes left Cutting Trump’s downfall exposed

The “Conservative Political Action Conference” (CPAC) will be held on the 28th, when former US President Donald Trump will make his first public speech after leaving office, and it is believed that he is afraid to “rise again” here. As for the impact of Trump on the Republican Party’s future elections, the U.S. media “Politico” pointed out that the current Republican Party in order to retake the White House, may take three kinds of routes, respectively, extreme Trump route, streamlined version of the Trump route, as well as the “zero Trump” route is unlikely to become mainstream.

The newspaper pointed out that in this conservative assembly occasion, whether to take the “Trump line” undoubtedly the most attention outside. Currently in the Republican Party support for the leading Trump, is undoubtedly the current leader of the Republican Party, whether he runs in the 2024 election, his influence is bound to shape the future direction of the Republican Party, and let the Republican Party appear 3 possible routes.

The first is the extreme Trump line, such as in January 6 against the certification of the electoral college votes, indirectly caused by the Trump fans riots Senator Ted Cruz (Ted Cruz), Hawley (JoshHawley), and Scott (RickScott), these will speak in the CPAC senators, is undoubtedly embracing the extreme Trump line of people. The newspaper said they follow Trump’s policies 100 percent, “even if you’re 99 percent in line with Trump, you’re still considered a traitor”; Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who still denies Biden as president, South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (R) are all included in this line.

In the streamlined version of the Trump line, Republicans who have distanced themselves from Trump, such as former Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Texas), who has recently become more critical of the land, and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who “opposes anti-Trumpers. Pence has always been loyal to Trump, but in the last minute of the electoral vote certification still choose to support the election results, Cotton also did the same; Rubio also pointed out that Trump in the congressional turmoil is really at fault, which led to the second impeachment.

A Republican strategist said that a streamlined version of the Trump line may be the broadest route out, “This comprehensive line not only points out Trump’s shortcomings, but also builds support among the working class on Trump’s popularity”.

As for the “zero Trump” line of people, completely on the side of anti-Trump, poking at Trump’s past statements, unwilling to cite him in the four years have what positive impact. But long-Time Republican strategist David Kochel said that this route is really a minority, not considered a winning road, “I’m afraid even the route is not called, like walking on the edge of a cliff mountain gravel shoulder, may collapse into the sea at any time”.