Tokyo Olympics is too difficult! The sacred flame relay began in March, many stars withdrew

NHK reported that 48-year-old actress Tokiwa Takako was scheduled to carry the flame in Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture on June 1, but eventually withdrew on the grounds of “personal schedule cannot cooperate”, and 54-year-old actress Mayumi Wakamura will take her place.

Most artists withdraw from passing the flame for work reasons, but there are artists who indicate that they are dissatisfied with the former chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, Mori Hiroshi, who said in early February that regardless of the Epidemic to hold the Eastern Olympics, Japanese funnyman and host of the variety show “male and female pickets” Jun Tamura said publicly after the film, he “can not understand this “, decided to withdraw from the flame relay.

The Tokyo Sports newspaper (TokyoSports) described the successive withdrawal of Japanese entertainers as an “unusual development” for the Olympic flame relay, and quoted show business sources as saying that the number of withdrawals is likely to increase.

The torch relay will start on March 25 from J-Village, a soccer facility in Fukushima Prefecture, with about 10,000 torchbearers nationwide, and will be delivered to the opening ceremony in Tokyo on July 23.

The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games previously announced on February 25 the measures to prevent the passing of the flame, urging people watching the event not to shout and cheer, with Committee Deputy Director General Yukihiko Fumura saying, “Please show your encouragement by clapping, and if the site is overcrowded, please keep an appropriate distance from others.