CPAC Conference Day 3 Trump’s Closing Speech, Schedule

CPAC conservative annual event 45th U.S. President Trump speech, U.S. companies surrender to Chinese Communist Party.


The American Conservative Union (ACU) held the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, and this year’s theme was “America Uncanceled” (America Uncanceled).

CPAC kicked off on Thursday night (25th), and during the three days of formal meetings from 26th to 28th, several topics were discussed, including numerous constitutional amendments, as people’s rights are being restricted and denied; as well as criticism of many policies of the Biden administration, condemnation of the left’s agenda and various actions, referring to who is in control of Biden? and calls for opening up commercial areas and not allowing Occupy protest areas to invade communities.

In response to the Chinese Communist Party, the dignitaries warned of the dangers of socialism and the Chinese Communist Party, attacking California for practicing socialism, wishing for heaven but bringing hell; and U.S. companies for surrendering to the Chinese Communist Party? The left is changing and destroying America, and America must fight the Communist Party on all fronts, so how can we win back America?

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in his speech yesterday (27th) that the Chinese Communist Party sanctioned him, so why is the U.S. left media always in sync with the Chinese Communist Party? He referred to former President Reagan’s 1964 speech: If we lose our freedom here, we will have nowhere to go, this is the last piece of clean land on earth.

In addition, on the controversy of the 2020 election, the conference asked how to “protect the election?” The three days of discussion were divided into seven parts and asked the question, why must the elections be protected, why did some states succeed and others fail in the 2020 elections? And what comes next when judges and the media refuse to look at the evidence of fraud and the left is exposed as behind-the-scenes manipulation?

Today (28) is the last day of the CPAC meeting, is expected to discuss “what to do next”, Trump popular vote and other activities, the outside world estimates that Trump again dressed in battle robes campaign probability is high.

Trump will deliver his closing speech at around 3:40 pm that day, pushing the CPAC meeting to a climax. He is expected to mention the topics of concern, how to make a comeback and the future political roadmap, leading the Republican Party to impact the 2022 and 2024 elections? And again to the 2020 election fraud and Biden policy to attack, etc..

Today there are also speeches by dignitaries such as former U.S. White House Chief Economic Advisor Kudlow.

Sunday (Feb. 28) Agenda

9:00: Welcome

9:20: Protecting Elections (IV): The Losing States (PA, IA, NV)

9:45: Chinese Communist Puppets in South Korea and Hong Kong

Gordon Chang, American Conservative Union Foundation Board Member

Grant Newsham, KCPAC

Moderated by attorney Lydia Chang

10:05: Presentation by David McIntyre, President of the Club for Growth, a conservative organization

10:15AM: The Danger of Depriving People of Prosperity

Larry Kudlow, former White House chief economic adviser

10:30AM: Seminar on “U.S. Businesses Surrendering to Communist China”, shared by journalists

James Carafano, American Heritage Foundation

Rep. Scott Perry (R-CA) (PA-10)

Joshua Philipp, award-winning journalist

Moderated by Gordon Chang, Board of Directors, American Conservative Union Foundation

11:00: Prescription for Pain: The Left’s health Care Agenda

Rep. Michael Burgess (TX-26)

Rep. Ronny Jackson (TX-13)

Rep. Scott Parkinson (R-CA), Club for Growth

Moderated by Michi Iljazi of the American Conservative Union

11:25: Defending the Election (V): They Told You So: The Ends Have Been There All Along

John Fund, National Review

J. Christian Adams, Public Interest Law Foundation

Hans von Spakovsky, The Heritage Foundation

Dan Schneider, American Conservative Union

11:55: Tough Love: A Look at the Republican Party

Matt Schlapp, President of the American Conservative Union

Moderated by Deal Hudson, Ave Maria Radio

12:15: Presentation by Tom Fitton, head of Judical Watch

12:30: Special Guest Speaker

12:40PM: Protecting Elections (VI): Successful States

Tommy Hicks, Republican National Committee

Michael Whatley (R), North Carolina Republican Party

Matt Whitaker (R) Attorney General of the United States

Moderated by Matt Schlapp (R), Chairman of the American Conservative Union

1:10 PM: Protecting Elections (VII): Pandora’s Ballot Box: What’s Next

Denise Cohen, American Conservative Union Foundation

John Fund, National Review

Andrew Wheeler, EPA American Chief Executive

Charlie Groh, First Vice President, American Conservative Union

1:35 PM: The Third Amendment: Keep Occupy Protest Zones Out of Your Community

Julio Rosas,

Shelby Talcott, Daily Caller

Moderated by Dan Schneider, Executive Director, American Conservative Union

1:55 PM: Not in Debt: Why You Should Care About the National Debt

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-CA) (LA-04)

Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21)

Russ Vought (R-MI), former Director of the Office of Budget Management

Moderated by Charles Hurst of the Washington Times

2:15 PM: Health Rationing vs. Health Sharing: Your Savings, Freedom and Life

Matt Bellis, LibertyHealth

Caroline Thau, LibertyHealth

Peter Pitts, President, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest

Moderated by Dan Schneider, Executive Director, American Conservative Union

2:40 PM: Doubt, Dysfunction, and the Cost of Missed Opportunities

3:10 PM: Ninth (IX) and Tenth (X) Amendments

Presentation by Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-04)

3:20 PM: CPAC Voting Time

Jim McLaughlin (R-CA): Trump Poll

Tim Constantine (D-CA), Washington Times

Matt Schlapp (D-MI), President of the American Conservative Union


Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States