Jilin chemical fiber company poison gas accident 5 dead 8 injured mainland netizens: this is a man-made disaster

Toxic gas accident at Jilin Chemical Fiber Company (Photo source: video screenshot)

According to local media reports, at 21:30 on Feb. 27, the power outage of high-voltage cables short-circuited during the production of Jilin Chemical Fiber Company caused part of the exhaust equipment of a production workshop to stop running. 23:10 the power supply was restored, and the workers of relevant posts inhaled toxic gas while preparing to resume production; five people died after rescue, and eight injured people have no Life-threatening injuries at present.

Local netizens disclosed the condition of this factory: “It’s Time to pay good attention to the safety of the workers at the bottom. How many accidents a year in the chemical fiber factory, they themselves know clearly, under the report on the concealment of the oppression of workers. Long working hours and high intensity. Soon there will be a reform, 12 hours a day work system. There is no car to go Home from work at night.”

Some mainland netizens also questioned the safety facilities of Jilin Chemical Fiber: “This news never reveals details, or is within the scope of the investigation, which cannot be announced yet. This incident of toxic gas causing death, in fact, needs to be divided into two aspects of understanding. The first aspect is why there is no automatic emergency measures for the exhaust equipment after a short-circuit power outage, and surprisingly, the power was cut off for two hours in the middle. Why is it difficult for such companies with dangerous goods to be considerate in safety and security? The second aspect is, is the toxic gas diffused after the power failure or leaked after the power is given? Why was the toxic gas leaked? What is the main reason for the leakage? Did these employees work without any protective measures?”

Comments from mainland netizens.

“After the fear! A detailed question only to know that it is my brother workshop, fortunately he did not work overtime yesterday. Hope to recover soon.”

“This is not the death of 5 people happened once, but the death of a person happened 5 times! Strictly investigate the reasons behind, do not happen again such a tragedy! “

“~ Jilin on the hot search ~ Jilin chemical fiber toxic gas ~ the number 5 seems simple ~ behind it is five families ~ where is the cause of the accident? What is it?”

“Any industry and position should have a plan: what are the possible dangers after a power outage and what should be done? The same is true in hospitals… In the monitoring room, what happens when the power goes out? On the operating table, what about a power outage?”

“This industry and electricians, the more you know, the more afraid.”

“Every year when the resumption of work and production is the high incidence of accidents, see this and think of the big brother Shi Laoqi.”