The best friend concealed the infected photos to drink tea Chinese man died of a family of six positive

According to overseas Chinese media reports, Peng Jingen, a 10-year-old girl from Malaysia, recently uploaded a video to the M&M channel on YouTube. In the 11-minute video, she choked up and cried about a very close friend of her grandfather who had been tested for Wuhan pneumonia virus on Dec. 27, 2020, but hid her illness while waiting for the test results. disease, but also on December 31 asked the girl’s 78-year-old grandfather to come out for tea together, during which he did not mention his illness in any way.

“He didn’t take this seriously at all and didn’t say anything to my grandfather-in-law.” The little girl complained.

On January 1, the friend who concealed his illness got the diagnosis, perhaps by fluke, perhaps because of weakness, the “good friend” did not promptly inform the high-risk close contacts who had just met with him for tea the day before.

In this way, Peng Jingen’s grandfather was infected but did not know it until late. It was not until January 4 that Grandpa suddenly began to feel unwell, with symptoms of cold, back pain and chills.

On that day, Grandpa went to two different clinics for medical treatment, but the doctor did not let him be tested for Wuhan pneumonia virus.

“Why was that doctor so irresponsible with my grandfather’s best friend?” the little girl asked tearfully in the video.

By January 11, Grandpa’s condition was getting worse, and after seeing a third doctor, he was advised to go to a private hospital for an emergency, where he ended up getting tested for the virus. The next day, the test results came back and Grandpa was confirmed.

The young girl said, “Grandpa was admitted to the intensive care unit that morning and needed a respirator because of breathing difficulties.”

Since the local hospital specializing in Wulong was full and there were not enough beds, the girl’s grandfather stayed in a private hospital for four days before being transferred to a specialized hospital.

However, after fighting the virus for 18 days, the old man was eventually defeated and passed away on Jan. 29.

“We were halfway through our sleep that day when the hospital called to say that grandpa couldn’t hold on anymore.” The little girl said here, has sobbed uncontrollably. “We wanted to see him one last Time, but could not.”

The little girl said that after her grandfather was diagnosed, her Family members were also tested and a total of six people were confirmed positive, including her grandmother, sister, cousin, and two aunts and uncles.

She condemned her grandfather’s best friend, “My grandfather’s best friend, a good friend, not an ordinary friend, was so irresponsible. If I have such a good friend, then I really have nothing to say.”

Peng Jing’en said at the end of the video that she recorded the film to tell everyone that if they feel uncomfortable, they must go for a virus test quickly. “If you do get hit, please stay well at Home and don’t have contact with anyone.”