Biden visits Texas 0 supporters show up, protested by huge Trump supporters dancing Trump flags Video

U.S. media outlet “Gateway Pundit” reported Saturday that Joe Biden and his “proxy” wife Jill traveled to Texas together after a deep freeze caused a power outage for more than a week.

Biden waited until temperatures rose to more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) before taking a flight because he was weak.

When Joe Biden arrived at the Houston Food Bank on Friday, Trump supporters lined the streets with pro-Trump banners to greet Biden. But there was not a single Biden supporter in sight …… Didn’t they say Biden got 81 million votes? Where did all those voters go?

See the video below of two different groups of protesters standing by near the Houston Food Bank as Biden prepares to land in Houston. One group is demanding Biden’s attention to what is happening in the northern Ethiopian state of Tigray, and the other is a group of President Trump supporters. Houston police are ensuring order.

HAPPENING NOW: as President Biden prepares to land in Houston, two separate groups of protestors are near the Houston Food bank. One is spotlighting what’s happening Tigray, the other are supporters of Fmr. President Trump. stays

  • Melissa Correa (@KHOUmelissa) February 26,2021
    There’s also a video of Biden and his nanny Jill visiting a food packaging facility, and it looks like Biden is completely disoriented.

In the video, Biden and Jill are touring the Houston Food Bank’s encapsulation line. Who are they waving at? All the volunteers are already in their positions, packing food for Houstonians in need.

The President and First Lady are now working through @HoustonFoodBank boxing setup. who are they waving at?! All the volunteers in position to pack meals for Houstonians who need the

  • Melissa Correa (@KHOUmelissa) February 26,2021