Kidney Qi is sufficient, all diseases removed, 14 methods to supplement the kidney!

According to the theory of Chinese Medicine, “If you have enough kidney energy, you can get rid of all diseases”. The left kidney is Yang and the right kidney is Yin. The left kidney is responsible for the functions of the six internal organs (gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, bladder and triple jiao), while the right kidney governs the operation of the five internal organs (heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney). The kidney plays a vital role in warming, nourishing, moisturizing and stimulating the five internal organs.

Kidney deficiency is the root cause of human diseases, and the treatment of many internal disorders should start with kidney tonification. There is also a Chinese medicine song: “liver disease first adjust kidney, kidney disease first adjust lung, lung disease first adjust spleen, spleen disease first adjust heart, heart disease first adjust liver”.

The method of tonifying the kidneys in the external labor palace

Every night before going to bed, put the backs of the two hands against the waist and lie on your back, after 5-10 minutes, the heat will gradually spread throughout the body. At the beginning, both palms are pressed by the waist will appear numb and swollen, 3-5 days later can adapt to eliminate, the legs will feel easy and flexible. Whether it is at night, or during the day, as long as you lie in bed, adhere to the back of the two hands against the two kidneys for half an hour, you can receive a miraculous effect.

Rub the eyes of the waist

“waist for the kidney of the House”, rubbing the eye of the waist can unblock the tendons and veins, enhance the function of the kidneys. After each bowel movement, rub the kidneys 36 times with rubbing hot counter hands, you will feel the waist heat.

If you have cold legs and feet, numbness and pain

You can put the left leg on the right foot neck, 20 minutes later, the legs and feet will become hot.

Soak your feet in hot water again every night

Then massage the “Qi Chong” point at the root of both legs, and repeatedly rub the “Yong Quan” point at the heart of both feet, and repeatedly pat, tap, push and massage the “Kidney Yu” point at the waist, for better results. The effect is even better.

Little finger water lifting method

There are many nerve endings in the fingers, which are connected to the five internal organs. For example, the right little finger is connected to the kidney, which is responsible for growth, development, reproduction and strength, and is open to the two ears and the two yin; the left little finger is connected to the bladder, which is responsible for the metabolism of water in the body, and is connected to the lungs, stomach and kidneys. Regular practice of the little finger water lifting method can strengthen the kidneys. Some people in Japan can still have children in their 70s after using this method for a long Time to strengthen their kidneys.

Knee counterclockwise walking method

Walking in a circle, by the body’s own practice of the function, you can cure the kidney deficiency, kidney failure of the disease.

Make a fist with both hands, fist hollow

Stick to the kidney acupuncture point, use the up and down shaking of the knee joints for repeated friction, both fists do not move, both feet rise slightly on tiptoe with the body shaking, feel until the waist is slightly warm.

Massage Taixi point

(located on the medial side of the foot, behind the inner ankle, in the depression between the tip of the inner ankle and the Achilles tendon).

Suitable symptoms: most kidney diseases, such as kidney deficiency, chronic renal insufficiency, chronic nephritis, diabetic nephropathy, etc. It is especially effective for patients who suffer from chronic kidney disease and also show swelling, lumbago, cold legs and weakness. It can remove acne, spots, puffiness, dark circles, skin whitening, enhance memory, improve hearing and eyesight, strengthen body resistance and reduce the occurrence of colds.

Use the thumb of the opposite hand to press, you can also use a massage stick or a smooth wooden stick to press, pay attention to the power of soft, to feel the degree of soreness and swelling, not too much power to avoid injury to the skin. For patients with nephritis, after the massage can make a certain degree of reduction in hypertension, urine protein significantly reduced. Although massage has a very good effect, but still need to be combined with drug therapy.

Massage Guan Yuan point

Dantian, located four fingers below the umbilicus.

Regular finger point pressure, massage stimulation, with the cultivation of yuan qi, regulate qi and blood, benefit the kidney and abdomen, enhance the function of the internal organs, improve the immunity of the body. It can prevent and treat hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, impotence, enuresis, dizziness, insomnia and dysmenorrhea.

Function: It can restore youthfulness and vitality, and can treat various reproductive system diseases. It is especially good at treating infertility, impotence, seminal emission and premature ejaculation, loss of libido, dysmenorrhea and menstrual disorders.

Rubbing the Dantian: Rub both hands together and massage the Dantian in the abdomen 30~50 times. The Dantian is the place where the true qi and true essence of human beings coalesce and is the basis of human Life. This method is commonly used to enhance the body’s immune function, improve the body’s resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the kidneys and strengthening the capital, which is conducive to prolonging life.

Ear massage

The kidneys are the main reservoir of essence and open the ears. Therefore, frequent ear exercise method can play a role in strengthening the kidneys and waist, nourishing the body and prolonging life.

(1) Lift and pull the earlobe method after placing the index fingers of both hands on the inner side of the ear screen, use the index fingers and thumbs to lift and pull the ear screen and earlobe from the inside out, from light to heavy, the pulling force is limited to not feeling pain, 3~5 minutes each time. This method can cure headache, dizziness, neurasthenia, tinnitus and other diseases.

(2) Hand massage ear wheel method: Hold an empty fist with both hands and push the thumb and forefinger back and forth along the ear wheel until the ear wheel is filled with blood and heated. This method has the function of strengthening the brain, kidneys, ears and eyes, and can prevent impotence, frequent urination, constipation, lumbar and leg pain, cervical spondylosis, panic, chest tightness, headache, dizziness and other diseases.

(3) Lift and pull the ear tip method using both thumbs and forefingers to pinch the tip of the auricle, lifting upward, kneading, pinching and rubbing 15 to 20 times to make the local area hot and red. This method has the effects of sedation, pain relief, clearing the brain and brightening the eyes, reducing fever, anti-allergy and nourishing the kidneys, etc. It can prevent hypertension, insomnia, pharyngitis and skin diseases.

(4) Rub and play both ears method both hands gently pinch the earlobes of both ears, then rub and massage until red and hot. Then pull the earlobes downward and let go of them to let them bounce back. Two or three times a day, 20 strokes each time. This method can promote blood circulation in the ears and has the effect of strengthening the kidneys and waist.

5) The two-handed ear pulling method pulls the right ear upward with the left hand over the top of the head dozens of times, and then pulls the left ear with the right hand dozens of times. This exercise can also promote the secretion of submandibular glands, sublingual glands, reduce throat pain and cure chronic pharyngitis.

(6) two hands cover the ear method two palms cover the auricle, fingers to the back of the head shell, with the index finger pressure middle finger flick 24 times, you can hear the “rumble” sound, said to hit the “sky drum”. This stimulation can activate the kidneys, brain, eyesight, kidney strengthening effect.

(7) the whole ear massage method after rubbing the palms of both hands to heat, backward massage ventral surface (that is, the ear front), and then forward reflexive massage back, repeatedly massage 5 ~ 6 times. This method can unblock the meridians, and has a health effect on the kidneys and the whole body organs.

8) Sweep the ear with both hands and sweep the ear forward from the back, and then you will hear the sound of “ching-ching”. Each time 20 strokes, several times a day, as long as long-term persistence, will be able to strengthen the kidneys and fitness.

Always recite “blow, heh, boo, hoo, hey, s”

Enhance the function of the kidneys, heart, liver, spleen and lungs.

The “blow” sound: “blow” and the kidney corresponding to the kidney is water, so it has the effect of nourishing the kidney water; heart corresponding to the “he” sound, the liver corresponding to the ” Shh” sound, the spleen corresponds to the “Hoo” sound, the Sanjiao corresponds to the “Hey” sound; the lungs correspond to the “S” sound.

Repeat 6-9 times, pronounce the sound for a longer time and more times.

Health care method for the spleen and the stomach and intestines

Overlapping hands, clockwise around the navel to rub the abdomen, mainly to pass, can promote the smooth flow of gastrointestinal gas, counterclockwise around the navel to rub the abdomen, mainly to complement, can play a role in strengthening the spleen, constipation patients, more clockwise rub, spleen deficiency, then add counterclockwise rub, 300 ~ 500 each time, 1 ~ 2 times a day.

Thumb pressed on the root of the ring finger

There is nothing “thumb pressed on the root of the ring finger”, including sleep, soul positioning.

Adhere to physical exercise

“The kidney is the main bone, the bone is the remainder of the kidney”, physical exercise can be obtained to nourish the tendons and kidneys, relax the tendons and activate the chakras, smooth the flow of Qi and enhance the effectiveness of their own resistance. Walking, jogging, playing ball, doing exercises, practicing boxing, sword dance, etc., are good exercise programs.